Does getting your nose pierced hurt? Scale 1-10

SociallyAwkward 2013/04/27 20:44:45
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I just want a little stud on the side and I might be getting it done today or tomorrow. I know it depends on the persons pain tolorence but I still want a few opinions on how bad it hurts. It would also be helpful if you could tell me on a scale of 1-10....10 being the most painful. Thanks.

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  • kittykat 2014/01/04 05:34:56
    Im 13 and me ans my best friend went to get ours done. My best friend went fist and it looks worse than it seems but when your the person getting it done it feels like a little pinch in a scale of 1-10 id probably give it a 3. My ears hurt more than my nose
  • sharayag kittykat 2015/04/28 18:48:24
    mhm , stop lying !
  • LoveAbbieMarie 2013/11/30 05:17:19
    I have my ears stretched and my tongue pierced and I got my nose pierced today and honestly it hurt a lot more than my tongue and ear piercings. The aftermath isn't nearly as bad as when you get your tongue pierced but it's still sore and it hurts to flare your nostrils at all. Especially to yawn. But on a scale from one to ten: I'd give it a 6.
  • sharayag LoveAbb... 2015/04/28 18:48:33
    we dont care !
  • awalsh 2013/06/12 06:17:09
    It doesn't hurt but it makes your eye water for some reason.
  • Abby awalsh 2014/06/01 19:29:20
    Yeah, it hits a nerve that somehow connects to your tear ducts and forces you to cry a little
  • sharayag awalsh 2015/04/28 18:49:14
    mhm , you know you was crying !
  • Claise 2013/05/06 16:54:57
    I can only tell you about getting my tits pierced
  • Sociall... Claise 2013/05/09 02:32:18
    I don't need that information, but thanks anyways.
    I don't plan on getting my "tits" pierced.
  • chloe Claise 2014/01/01 17:19:19
  • sharayag Claise 2015/04/28 18:49:31
    stupid !
  • ImperfectlySpliced 2013/05/02 17:30:42
    I know you already said it, but it really does depend on the person's pain tolerance so even if someone does say "Well in my opinion it didn't hurt at all." it's not going to help you at all with knowing how it's going to feel on you. If you want to test your pain tolerance for it then I would suggest putting your pointer finger nail on the top of your nose where you want the piercing to be and your thumb nail in your nose so that the finger nails line up....then give it a quick, hard pinch. That will give you the best idea of how a piercing is going to feel for you.
  • Nadia Imperfe... 2015/01/25 04:46:38
    This really helped, I hope it hurts a bit tho lol but anyways thanks
  • sharayag Imperfe... 2015/04/28 18:49:57
    already heard that once before !
  • Linnster 2013/04/27 23:18:11
    I hope you have a nice nose. No need to call any more attention to a big honker.
  • Sociall... Linnster 2013/04/28 00:21:19
    My nose is just a normal nose.
    You didn't even answer the question -.-
  • Linnster Sociall... 2013/04/28 00:44:49
    I haven't had my nose pierced, so how could I tell you how much it hurts?
  • Sociall... Linnster 2013/04/28 00:57:46
    To tell me how much it hurt was the question.
    If you never had it done why did you "answer"?
  • Sociall... Sociall... 2013/04/28 00:58:12
    Not trying to start anything or argue btw :)
  • Linnster Sociall... 2013/04/28 01:03:13
    Because almost every person I've seen that has a pierced nose, has one that I personally wouldn't want to call attention to and I was bringing that to your attention to consider BEFORE you have it done. There have been a couple of people on here who have said that the piercing got infected. Personally, I can't see the need for facial piercing of any kind. Earlobes, no problem, but that's it. I'm a dinosaur that way.
  • Sociall... Linnster 2013/04/28 01:18:21
    I see your point however I think I have a good face for it. I dont like too many piercings myself, but I think just one tiny diamond stud on the side of my nose might be cute. I guess I want to do it because I like the style.
  • Linnster Sociall... 2013/04/28 01:35:23
    Fair enough - it is, after all, your nose. :)
  • sharayag Sociall... 2015/04/28 18:51:04
    shut yo" ole ...... nvm ! gone and get yo' lip pierced now !

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