Does chalk cool heartburn?

Polaris 2013/09/06 16:21:59
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I see a commercial (TUMS) where a guy is asked if he's still eating chalk for heartburn?
Does chalk, even though not edible, cool heartburn?
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  • Hirnungah Mancandy 2013/09/07 00:07:45
    No way!
    Hirnungah Mancandy
    They were talking about chalky tasting antacids . not chalk .
  • Polaris Hirnung... 2013/09/07 01:39:39
    No not really. in the TUMS commercial that I've seen, the guy is actually eating chalk. not an antacid
  • Hirnung... Polaris 2013/09/07 02:19:51
    Hirnungah Mancandy
    I've seen the commercial , They've been complaining about chalky tasting antacids sense Maalox . Having the guy actually eat chalk is just this years version of an old advertising campaign .
  • Polaris Hirnung... 2013/09/07 17:21:15
    what is Maalox? never saw that one?
    lol that's a good way to put it
  • Hirnung... Polaris 2013/09/07 23:41:31
    Hirnungah Mancandy
    Maalox is a liquid/tablet antacid . it's been around forever .
  • Polaris Hirnung... 2013/09/08 04:03:46 (edited)
    ok. never saw commercials for it. I don't recall seeing it in pharmacies either.
    thx for info
  • JMCC 2013/09/06 16:33:20
    Heartburn and indigestion are normally associated with the over production of acid in the stomach (which itself is normally due to there being too much salt and fat present in the system).

    Chalk is mostly the alkali substance calcium carbonate which neutralises acid whilst producing CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the process. Which explains why quite often people feel the need to burp after taking an anti-acid...

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