Does anyone notice how unsettled Egypt has become since the removal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

michael 2011/09/10 20:34:07
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Please read this exchange between the press spokesman ( Victoria Nuland, Spokesperson ) at the US Embassy in Egypt said to a reporter in Egypt just today:

QUESTION: The Embassy recently had a wall constructed around it in Cairo. And we are airing video now of people trying to tear down the wall, saying that they don’t like the idea of any sorts of separations, and Egyptian police are simply standing by. Does the U.S. have any concern about this happening in the middle of Friday demonstrations in Cairo?

MS. NULAND: I haven’t seen your footage, Ros. But our understanding is that the extra wall height that was added around the Israeli Embassy in Cairo was done at the request of the Israeli mission and consensually with the Government of Egypt just to enhance security measures at this time. And I think the Government of Israel and the Government of Egypt are collaborating well in this regard.

I can’t speak to the precise situation today around the Embassy. As I said, we hadn’t seen your footage. But obviously, Egypt has Vienna Convention responsibilities and it’s incumbent on those two governments to work together if there are security concerns.

QUESTION: And staying on Egypt --

QUESTION: Yes. Ma’am.


QUESTION: Egypt. There is still no clear date for the parliamentary election. What’s your view on that? Have you received any satisfying answer why this process is dragging?

MS. NULAND: I think the Egyptians are trying to work this out themselves. And we are encouraging that and we are standing by for them to make their own internal decisions.

Now please note the incident that happened at the Isreali Embassy and just think what she is NOT saying about the growing unrest in Egypt which does seem directed at the Western interest especially Isreal. It is growing and spreading across the entire country but she is not accepting that even as the US Embassy is breefing up its defense against the mob of people. I personally have friends in Egypt-one is a Coptic Christian and three more are Muslims but guess what they are all saying --religious freedom is disappearing . She keeps puttign all her faith in the elections--but how can anyone have democratic elections with rule of law when choas is spreading across the country.

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  • Elephant Lord 2012/02/07 04:29:11
    c) other
    Elephant Lord
    President? He was a dictator! He killed and tortured civilians, and did a bunch of other evil dictator stuff. He had to go.
  • michael Elephan... 2012/02/07 16:30:15
    that is the tragic history of the entire middle least-writen by bloodthirsty dictators.

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