Do your eyes change color when you die?

jt 2011/04/15 03:15:26
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  • Eric Leo France 2013/09/25 03:50:10
    Eric Leo France
    Yes, they do in the case of the people who said their eyes are brown or yellow. This is all about the Scream. All people's eyes are naturally blue in the iris part and white in the eyeball part. Opthalmologist's (qualified eye doctor with a real Western Civilization Medical Degree) electronic computer scans can proof that. When people die, they stop screaming. So, the truth comes out, which is that the eyes are blue in the iris part, and white in the eyeball part. There is an epitileum (very thin skin) on top of the cornea (Corneas are always clear and transparent in color.) When people die, the epitileum get oxidase because of lack of lubricant, so it turns opaque white, but it is still semi-transparent. So, when you look at a dead person's eyes, you will see the blue color reflected off the iris to the diffused oxidase epitileum, to give it a blur blue look. If you scrape off the epitileum of the dead person, then the blue color of the iris will be revealed in clear view.
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2011/07/12 21:46:50
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    When I die, I don't know that I am going to care much.
  • Bob 2011/04/18 23:02:01
    Lose color luster due to clouding from drying
  • Paint it Black 2011/04/18 01:23:41
    Paint it Black
    That's an intresting question, but idk
  • Redskin 2011/04/16 03:18:06
  • Malachi 2011/04/16 01:51:25
    The eyes are the mirrors or the soul.....I have seem people that have died and one person in particular was so vile in life ,who those around him said he had cold steel blue eyes,and he did,but just before he died,his countenance had changed and his eyes were brown and a frighten look in them, this man had an evil spirit of intelligence,maybe those who's eye color changes might have had a bad spirit, and it leaves that person just before death..........my observation
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2011/04/16 01:28:41
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    They decay...
  • Slim Shady 2011/04/15 19:08:54
    Slim Shady
    yes it changes white
  • wombat 2011/04/15 16:15:31
    Yes they loose color. same when you get tired or being active.... eye colors change permanently
  • Alex 2011/04/15 14:32:35
    well, i haven't died yet,so i don't know....
  • Sheena Bay 2011/04/15 13:53:00
    Sheena Bay
    Idk, but wouldnt that be kewl! I'd want mine to turn green!!!
    idk kewl turn green green eyes
  • Moon1Adores1Rice 2011/04/15 13:35:27
    they sort of lose there colour thats how they tell how long you have been dead for well that is what i think :-?
  • Ангел Волк 2011/04/15 13:24:09
    Ангел Волк
    Naw, they just get a blue film over them
  • YoItzBram! 2011/04/15 06:18:41
    Yeah, I would totally know this answer cus I just died and looked at my eyes then came back to life.
  • painted desert 2011/04/15 05:36:24
    painted desert
    I think they just cloud over. Like a cataracts.
  • moomoof 2011/04/15 05:14:53
    ask me when i am dead
  • Reginal... moomoof 2012/01/05 20:20:04
  • kerran 2011/04/15 05:10:39
    i hope they do
  • Cheetah 2011/04/15 05:00:30
    Actually they do I witnessed a murder once. A guy got his neck cut in a street fight in LODO we did all we could to stop the bleeding but once that jugglers cut not much can be done to stop the bleeding his eye's glazed over then turned grey.Next all this white foamy stuff started comming out of his nose and mouth.Ya' your eye's change color but it aint' pretty.
  • ☠megan_... Cheetah 2011/04/15 20:59:18
    That's terrible
  • bobby.j... Cheetah 2012/11/21 16:41:54
    Well my father N law died and his eyes was set for at less 1 day before he died. As death came upon him not only was his eyes set, but they was glazed over. Just before he died he looked strength at my wife, she told him, it was aright to go on as he breath his last breath, he smiled widely and let go. This man was a devout christian and a preacher of the gospel.
  • Chibi 2011/04/15 04:51:02
    I wouldn't know...but I'm sure they dilate.
  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ D. Plexippus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    they say eyes are the window of our soul...perhaps it will change color..perhaps it will lost its sparkle...
  • bongsomedodongo 2011/04/15 03:33:48
    Idk I'm not dead.
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2011/04/15 03:26:13 (edited)
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    Idk, I have never died before. X)
    That was me being a smart ass..
  • krayzrick 2011/04/15 03:21:04
    Yes, they will look like this....
    zombie eyes
  • atomikmom 2011/04/15 03:18:09
    That i wouldn't know, but they do when my mood changes, LOL!!!!
  • Paige 2011/04/15 03:16:26
    Yes, they do

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