Do you think you have any brothers or sisters out there, that you never met or do not even know about ??

Lee 2009/10/13 05:40:13
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  • chris 2014/03/29 00:23:55
    Your father got around alot
    im just wondering if there could be a brother or sister i dont no of cause well if it was female and was willin my dad prob slept with her
  • jennife... chris 2014/04/22 21:29:33
  • jennife... jennife... 2014/08/26 15:45:58
    jennifer shelton
    you never no
  • jennife... chris 2014/04/22 21:39:33
    jennifer shelton
    what is your last name??
  • jennife... jennife... 2014/08/26 15:45:36
    jennifer shelton
    manden name Jennifer Campbell
  • Jade 2011/06/05 10:52:22
    You found out that you have a half sibling out there.. Do you look to find hi...
    In the past year I have been reunited with my father's side of the family. My father is alive, but under my own conditions, I do not speak with him, and the option is completely out of the question. But, during this festivity of reunions, I found out that I have a little brother. I know his first and middle name. And I know when he was born, he had the same last name as me, but his mom took off with him and chances are she may have changed his last name. (When I say she "took off" with him, i just mean she got the two of them away from my father, not kidnapped) I think he may still be a minor, but regardless, I really want to try and find him and his mom. I have tried public birth records, and have even paid for the results on some other pages, but none so far have led me anywhere near him. If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.
  • billy 2009/11/18 03:52:28
    Your mother got around alot
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  • HMcLean billy 2010/03/21 18:18:47
    How do i find siblings when i dont know there names? i dont even know if they know about me. i found out when i was 25 that i have a different dad than my 3 other siblings. my real dad past away, i dont even know what her looks like. he has a son and daughter. any help?
  • Lee HMcLean 2010/03/23 04:06:59
    Try ansectry.com Put your name in, and see if there are any connections there.
    Try your mother's maiden name, try your father's name. If you have any uncle, aunts, grandparents, any other cousins that you can ask questions, such as a last name. There are many search engines. zabasearch.com is another place you can put in your last name, and see what comes up. Also google.. go to that and put in your last name, or your mother's maiden name and see what comes up. Your nationality, try that. Like Jewishgenioligy.com or Italiangenioligy.com.. and so on.
    That's how I found family that I never knew I had. And found a half brother that I never knew about. I was in my 40's at the time. I put in my father's name , and everyone with that name came up. Or anyone linked to that name also came up. I wrote to the link that came up. And the women wrote back to me, letting me know where that part of the family came from. How they got here. And all the other informaiton that she already had. I ended up talking to her father, who was the last living person that would have known my father, my grandparents, and so on.
    Give those things a try and see where it takes you..
  • CherryTink08 2009/10/13 06:24:21 (edited)
    You found out that you have a half sibling out there.. Do you look to find hi...
    i was adopted but i do have 2 older bros and 1 younger sis and 1 little bro i have never meet my mother was a drug whore i know harsh but its true and i dont know my really dad
  • Lee CherryT... 2009/10/13 14:25:29
    Do you know who they are?
  • CherryT... Lee 2009/10/14 02:49:54
    no the last time i saw my little sis and little bro i was getting adopted i have never meet my two older brothers i was just told i have them and they live with there dads up north but the probably have kids and married all ready
  • Lee CherryT... 2009/10/14 04:28:05
    your brother might have kept in contact with your sister, so he might know where she is. and his name would have stayed the same. if you look it up with either google or zabasearch.com, it might come up with something.
    if you want to, you can check and see.
    i never knew i had a half brother all my life. and at 49, or so i found him kinda by accident. we never met, but we spoke on the phone, and e-mail and myspace. we share a father. finding him answered alot of questions i had about my past. its a long story, but i had and have no memory of my father. he left when i was kind of young. but i still should have had memories of him. i was about 7 or 8 when he left. so i always wondered, why didn't i remember feeling anything. it wasn't until i found my brother that it filled in all the blanks.
    it was painful to find out how much my mind was protecting me from. but at the same time, it was very healing.
    so i would say, if its something you want to find out, go for it. you never know what you'll turn up.
  • CherryT... Lee 2009/10/15 02:45:00
    well i would if i knew there last names but we all have diffrent last names so it would be hard
  • Lee CherryT... 2009/10/15 02:49:06
    did your brother get his named changed? i would think he would be easier to find.
  • CherryT... Lee 2009/10/15 02:51:04
    idk bc when i was adopted the adoption service said to change our names so my really mother couldnt come and try to getus back or even my real dad
  • Lee CherryT... 2009/10/15 03:36:38
    whatever his name was before you all got adopted, is what i would start with. it might get you some info, it might not. you dont know if you dont look. make sure your ready before you do anything. i mean emotionally.
  • CherryT... Lee 2009/10/15 03:50:02
    well i was adopted with 2 of my brothers and we had diffrent last names and they where living with there real dads at the time and if there where my dads to then y didnt he take me too my mother was a drug whore so she wouldnt even now
  • Lee CherryT... 2009/10/15 05:51:36
    you said your mother was a drug user. is she still?
    maybe she might know the info, but hasn't told anyone.
    do you have contact with her? or you could ask your father if he knows what happened to your siblings. sometimes they know stuff, but they dont share it.
  • CherryT... Lee 2009/10/15 08:01:00
    yes she was a drug user but idk if shes dead or not and i dont know my real dad so he couldnt tell me anything and my parents know dont want us looking for them they dont want our feeling hurt or anything messing up our lives
  • Lee CherryT... 2009/10/15 16:58:22
    I can sure understand that. As finding my half brother, while very healing to me, was also very painful.
    We dont talk anymore. I dont know if that will ever change. I doubt it. And that's ok. At least it answered so many questions I had. All the best to you, in your future.
  • CherryT... Lee 2009/10/15 22:07:17
    well thanks
  • Megan 2009/10/13 05:54:13
    Your father got around alot
    i have 2 half brothers and 2 half sisters from 3 diff women....2 of them being sisters....yeah. Im sure there are plenty more...those women were the only ones not screwing him along with 10 other guys at the bar and reeled him in on child support...lol...
  • Lee Megan 2009/10/13 06:16:35
    Do you get along with them? Or have a relationship with them?
  • Megan Lee 2009/10/13 14:01:59
    I am 22 my 27 year old brother and 13 year old sister live in cali...i have spoken to them very few times. my older brother lived with us when my dad was married to my mom. My two youngest half sibling...are 9 & 10 i did have a great relationship with them until recently my dad decided he was going to stop talking to me.....over a child support issue with my mother....ah ive given up...im so very happy where im at in life!
  • Nikki 2009/10/13 05:44:11
    Your father got around alot
    yeah I wonder.. my dad was in the navy and I have wondered if I have half brothers or sisters somewhere, I know he was in love with a woman from Korea because my mama found where he hid her photo.
  • Lee Nikki 2009/10/13 05:46:47
    Did you ever want to find out for sure?
  • Nikki Lee 2009/10/13 05:48:40
    yeah I have always wanted to but I wouldn't know where to start.
  • Lee Nikki 2009/10/13 06:15:27
    You could start with a google search. If you have a name , you'll get any info with that name or any name like it.
    Or zabasearch.com is another place to look. That one gives addresses and phone numbers. If you dont have a name, that makes it alot harder to find.
    Not imposible, but alot harder.
    You could try, children of ...... then give the name of your father or mother.
    If you try that in enough spots, you never know what you'll come up with.
    What I can tell you though, from my own expirence.. If you ever found a sibling, its great in the beginning.. but without a history of growing up together, it could turn, not so good. I have a half brother, and it was great in the beginning, but after a few years of talking on the phone and e-mail, and myspace, we got on each other's nervers enough so, that we are not in contact now.
    Dont know if that will ever work itself out, but for now its that way.
    Just giving a heads up on how it might not turn out good. But then again, you never know.. it could turn out great! See what you think.
  • Nikki Lee 2009/10/13 14:30:30
    thank you, I don't have a name I don't even have the photo anymore, my dad was killed 5 years ago and I guess all his secrets died with him. I will think about all you have said and thank you! you have been very helpful
  • Lee Nikki 2009/10/14 01:39:08
    You are very welcome.. God bless.<>

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