Do you think there Are More Fat People that skinny?

Lizzy 2010/09/15 21:46:40
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Do you think that there are more Fat People In the world? Or do you think there are more Skinny people in the world? Or do you think it's Even? Vote and find out.
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  • doltgabi 2012/01/17 11:57:43
    More Fat people. (please add comment)
    Good luck ,Great post,y love you!Thanks for the info it had cleared out too many things in my mind. Your recommendations are really good
  • miss 2010/10/01 05:17:40
    More Fat people. (please add comment)
    Unfortunatly for some people it takes effort to stay healthy. It easier to stop at mcdicks then to cook some thing your body will actually appreiciate. I am saying 'make some effort people!'
  • Claise 2010/09/24 10:14:34
    More Fat people. (please add comment)
    yeah just look around u:;u see more fat people
  • GiantsNut1738 2010/09/17 01:05:20
    More Fat people. (please add comment)
    where i live there is more fat people
    fat people add comment live fat people
  • jaymz 2010/09/16 01:26:08
    More Fat people. (please add comment)
    i should know i am a fat f--ker and happy to be so you might say im ( happyfat ) lol
  • randy 2010/09/15 22:31:49
    Around the same. (Please add comment.
    Here in the US, there are a lot of fat people, not so much in Africa or the Middle East. Few in Asia. Almost 1/4 of all humans on the planet are in China.........I saw few/none in the rest of Asia. Those are the only places I have personally witnessed.
  • xjessybearx 2010/09/15 22:22:19
    More Fat people. (please add comment)
    im 5'9 and 103 pounds, so most people think im skinny but i think im average...there are a LOT of people bigger that me though, so i would say most people are on the large side...
  • nessa456 2010/09/15 22:19:58
    Around the same. (Please add comment.
    i think its kinda even
  • Green is a color 2010/09/15 21:49:57
    More Skinny People. (Please add comment)
    Green is a color
    Right now there is stiiil more skinnnny people...But the number of fat ones are growing...atleast in America...I have no clue about the rest of the world
  • Lizzy Green i... 2010/09/15 21:54:29
    Yeah I guess. It just seems that though, don't you think?
  • Lizzy 2010/09/15 21:47:06
    More Fat people. (please add comment)
    I think there's more fat people then Skinny.

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