Do You Think It's OK to Shoot a Burglar to Stop a Break-In?

ABCnews.com 2012/01/05 01:04:39
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  • Marvelo... Party B... 2012/01/22 16:52:23
    Marvelous Wildfire
    So Grosse Pointe has only had one less massacre than Viginia Tech.

    The dean of Virginia Tech could have made the same dumbass claims as you on April 15, 2007.
    (He actually made the dumbass claim about a week before.)

    Of course on April 17, 2007, 32 former students couldn't make the same statement.

    Do you carry car insurance?
    Are you that irresponsible of a driver?

    Do you have smoke detectors in your home?
    Are you that careless with fire?

    A gun is cheap insurance, but only if you have loved ones whose live are worth protecting, and yet the are less of a danger than the bath tub and toilet.

    You are too naive to understand that the first person murdered in Grosse Pointe, will really truly be dead, even if it had never happened before in Grosse Pointe.

    What you are too childish and ignorant to understand:
    There isn't a hooker, that wasn't a virgin once.
  • Party B... Marvelo... 2012/01/23 03:15:09
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    And there are virgins who stay virgins for their entire lives. It happens. Don't deny that.
  • Party B... Marvelo... 2012/01/16 10:19:05
  • Marvelo... Party B... 2012/01/19 08:41:17
    Marvelous Wildfire
    I wasn't ranting about your neighborhood.
    A simple statement of facts, is not ranting.

    Your ignorance of this subject, doesn't make *me* ignorant on the subject.
  • Party B... Marvelo... 2012/01/21 04:43:48
  • tea for... drdos1943 2012/01/14 14:27:33
    tea for you
    crazy man loaded guns improperly stored has killed children !"Just keep the guns hidden, loaded, and accessible as well" Irresponsible behavior , charges would be forth coming
  • drdos1943 tea for... 2012/01/14 16:21:44
    ...and those charges would be well-deserved.
  • Neil 2012/01/09 08:11:32
    Yes, you have a right to defend yourself.
  • Minarchist 2012/01/09 07:51:48
    Yes, you have a right to defend yourself.
    Theft of property is a threat to your way of life and your own pursuit of happiness. Pursuit of happiness is measured by wealth and property. An individual that has not gained property through time talent and labor has committed theft. This theft is an injustice to pusuit of happiness. Therefor you have a right to protect your property.
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2012/01/09 07:16:05
    Yes, you have a right to defend yourself.
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    Disable them, not kill them.
  • boocab55 SebaThe... 2012/01/09 15:12:05
    And get sued no way
  • BrianD3 boocab55 2012/01/09 15:35:24
    I am all for disabling them with 00 buck to the head
  • drdos1943 BrianD3 2012/01/13 12:57:13 (edited)
    I hope you have a brick or stone house. Firing 00 buck shot in a 2 3/4" round is the equivalent of firing nine 9mm rounds all at once. If you miss, not only will the hole in the wall be really big, but you may injure you're next door neighbor.

    What I do is have the first round #8 bird shot to maximize the damage to the intruder and minimize the damage to our house and the neighborhood, and then the rest 00 buck shot.

    In my case, the other thing I would do is hand the Remington to my wife first. She's a better marksman than I.
  • BrianD3 drdos1943 2012/01/13 14:46:27
    the home is concrete block, yea my friend ( a police Sgt) said the same thing. He suggestes a #4 shot or a special shell with a #2 & #4 shot mix. I am a vindictive sort of guy though, I want to see an intruder dead not wounded.
  • drdos1943 BrianD3 2012/01/13 19:05:10
    Agreed. Right on!
  • SebaThe... boocab55 2012/01/14 19:30:09
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    how? if they have a weapon, and you have one, use yours first. It's a matter of life and death, all I'm saying is don't kill them, because then you'll get sued
  • Marvelo... SebaThe... 2012/01/19 08:43:47
    Marvelous Wildfire
    Make your Government Representatives pass a Castle Law.
    The when you flush the POS, the results will only be to make society BETTER, and the good guy can't be sued by the dead scumbag.
  • SebaThe... Marvelo... 2012/01/22 04:06:41
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    i wish it was that easy.
  • viper4358 2012/01/09 06:50:38
    Yes, you have a right to defend yourself.
    Don't break into my house and think you are putting my family in danger. One of 3 things will happen: Police Car, Ambulance or Body Bag. You are better off getting a job and making an honest living.
  • Nekogirl 2012/01/09 06:33:50
    Yes, you have a right to defend yourself.
    First of all... it rare when the police actually comes in time so I think that my loved ones life is worth more than taking the risk to "wait 4 the police" so yes I would shoot if necesary
  • BrianD3 Nekogirl 2012/01/09 15:37:14 (edited)
    I wouldnt even consider if it was "necessary"...if they are in MY home then they become a TARGET
  • Nekogirl BrianD3 2012/01/09 20:39:01
    Ur right n.n
  • BrianD3 Nekogirl 2012/01/10 11:06:20
  • Deep007 Nekogirl 2012/01/10 00:17:39
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  • middlesex1957 2012/01/09 06:22:39
    No, law enforcement should handle the situation.
    It doesn't matter what our opinion is. All that matters is what the law is. We do not have the right to use deadly force to stop an intruder unless we can prove his intent was to kill us. "Believe" you should be able to defend yourself? "Believe" yourself right into jail because if you actually use that gun you're the criminal according to the law - the burden of proof that your life was in danger is on you. That's a really hard thing to proove. If your intruder is unarmed, you're going to jail. If your intruder had a knife and you shot him with a gun, you're going to jail. If he had a gun but never drew or fired it you're going to jail. According to the law burglary is not a capital crime but manslaughter is.
  • Party B... middles... 2012/01/09 08:30:25
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    What if you only injure the burgler? A bullet to the knee or foot isn't fatal. If the burgler's intent was to steal from and harm the occupants of a house, then injuring said burgler is not using excessive force. It's not deadly either.
  • Marvelo... Party B... 2012/01/09 16:19:24
    Marvelous Wildfire
    Sorry, you're wrong.
    YES you CAN kill someone by shooting them in the knee. (Popliteal artery)
    She shot the POS in the knee, and he died.

    However, you may not STOP the attack by shooting the attacker in the knee, and you risk being harmed.
    Always shoot center mass.
  • Party B... Marvelo... 2012/01/10 01:41:33
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Oh, well where would you suggest I aim on the center mass to avoid killing the person and not getting charged with murder?
  • Marvelo... Party B... 2012/01/10 02:06:22
    Marvelous Wildfire
    You're asking 2 different questions:
    1) Center mass is the spot most likely to stop an attacker, with a acquitted caliber, even with a slight "miss", because of the "important stuff" located center mass.

    2) Killing an intruder in your home, especially if you live in a sane State; you won't be charged with murder because it is LEGAL.
  • Party B... Marvelo... 2012/01/10 04:33:43 (edited)
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    I was just thinking that if the burgler only intended to steal from you and beat you up, and made no attempt to take your life, that you could be charged with murder. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Marvelo... Party B... 2012/01/12 17:43:37
    Marvelous Wildfire
    You are wrong.

    There is no requirement for a homeowner to receive a beating at the hands of criminals, no matter how minor that beating may be claimed to be intended.

    In sane States, like the Great State of Arizona; the Castle law allows you to shoot the POS where you have a legal Right to be, if you reasonably feel threatened.
    And if you do society a great service, and kills the POS, their next of kin can NOT bring civil action against you.
  • Party B... Marvelo... 2012/01/14 07:03:21
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Well I don't live in Arizona, and I'm not sure if that law or a law similar to it is in place where I live.
  • Adam middles... 2012/01/09 11:23:19 (edited)
    Nothing about your post is true. It *may* be somewhat true in the very few duty to retreat states left. But for most of the country castle doctrine protects you when using deadly force to protect yourself or others. Any one that unlawfully enters your home has the capacity to harm you or your family.
  • JakeJ277 middles... 2012/01/09 13:23:12
    Before getting my personal protection license I reviewed my state's laws on this issue to find that we have the castle doctrine in place as Adam said. This gives me the right to drop an intruder. The police officer who took my fingerprints when getting my license made sure to remind me that "dead men can't testify". In our wonderful lawyer-filled country, even with the castle doctrine in place, the injured assailant could press charges for bodily damages under some kind of "misunderstanding of wrongful entry". The law's opinion on this: don't hurt them, kill them.
  • Marvelo... middles... 2012/01/09 15:52:35
    Marvelous Wildfire
    Actually you need to do a little better research on what you believe.
    Many States now require the DA to actually PROVE you acted wrongly, instead of you having to prove you acted justly.
    As a rule, if they have a weapon (knife, pipe, bat, gun, etc) it's simple self-defense and that's the end of it if they are in your home:

    In the sane States, with Castle Doctrine CRIMINALS can usually be shot on your property and many good places allow you to shot the bastards wherever you have a legal right to be if you feel threatened.

    You state: "If your intruder had a knife and you shot him with a gun, you're going to jail. If he had a gun but never drew or fired it you're going to jail. According to the law burglary is not a capital crime but manslaughter is."

    I don't know ANY state that your statement would be true.
    Knives are considered just as deadly as a gun in court; more so in some places.
    A number of years ago in LA, if you were caught with a concealed gun it was considered a misdemeanor, while a knife was a felony.
  • Deep007 Marvelo... 2012/01/10 00:18:04
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  • teacham... middles... 2012/01/09 16:33:06
    does the cop live in our house? ... next door, maybe? ... until the police patrol my home 24 / 7 there will ALWAYS be a means of deadly resitance immediately available to myself and my family ... when life is measured in seconds, police can be there in minutes
  • drdos1943 middles... 2012/01/13 13:04:08
    Perhaps, you should move to one of the states that has a castle law.
  • katt 2012/01/09 06:16:42
    Yes, you have a right to defend yourself.
    if you have reason to fear for your life or the life of your loved ones then i say do it if you can
  • bpf 2012/01/09 05:22:58 (edited)
    Yes, you have a right to defend yourself.
    As the saying goes..." I'll rather be tried by Twelve than carried by Six" if the Liberal-Left had their way we would be like the people in early Russia "no Guns" or pre-Nazi Germany or a dozen other countries where first the right to bear arms went, then soon after LIBERTY.

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