Do you think anime is stupid? How about girls who watch anime? Guy's who watch anime?

SierraSCK 2011/02/18 21:01:56
I watch anime... I have friends who watch anime... I personally think it's entertaining! Most everything in an anime can never happen... either that or it's based off of life so perfectly that you totally get what they're trying to say!
I think people just have to look past the fact that it's 'foreign' and 'different' and that sometimes it's in japanese! :I
I've gotten 3 people into anime/manga, and none of them have been disappointed!
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  • Dueron 2011/11/14 17:30:16
    I think it sucks, but if some1 els like it, be my quest, but don't come near me with that stuff
  • Miku Rock 2011/05/31 02:16:34
    Miku Rock
    i love it¡
    love bleach
    love inuyasha
  • Josh 2011/04/08 00:35:45
    I don't like it! :(
  • Teen Gohan (Cell Games) 2011/03/30 03:48:59
    Teen Gohan (Cell Games)
    I'm a girl and anime is pretty cool.
    I LOVE the Dragon Ball series!
  • JulieUmulige 2011/03/23 12:16:57
    I'm a girl and i can never get enough of anime! One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Fairy Tail and Death Note are my favorites!
  • Corn Flake 2011/02/27 01:16:59
    Corn Flake
    My favorite anime shows are Bleach and Kekkaishi.
  • SierraSCK Corn Flake 2011/02/27 20:04:10
  • Corn Flake SierraSCK 2011/03/02 16:15:29
    Corn Flake
    I know.I try to watch it as much as I can but I always fall behind.
  • SierraSCK Corn Flake 2011/03/02 19:39:56
    same here!!! I barely into the hueco mundo arc! :/
  • Corn Flake SierraSCK 2011/03/04 22:58:33
    Corn Flake
    Not sure what that is LoL.
  • SierraSCK Corn Flake 2011/03/05 02:05:12
    hahaha!!!! ohh... ._.
  • Corn Flake SierraSCK 2011/03/05 13:03:29
    Corn Flake
  • windwolf14 2011/02/24 17:40:51
    I love it. I hang out with a cosplay group and things are never borning. Thouse that are ani-anime need to stop being so stuck up. when i was younger 6-12 years old i constanty got grif over pokemon. now that i start to cosplay (not really as a fan thing but as an art) i get a little grif there. but heres a fact. one of my teachers used to give me grif but then while on vacation she found her self caught in the middle of a con. shes been a fan of cosplayers since ^^
  • SierraSCK windwolf14 2011/02/27 20:05:32
    ahhh fun! i want to meet some people who are into cosplaying! I'd love to start, but i don't have all that much money right now... I have a Gaara outfit and I'm working on an Orihime outfit but thats about it! :/
  • windwolf14 SierraSCK 2011/02/27 21:09:59 (edited)
    for some one starting i would recamend raiding your thrift store. i made a friend of mine a Haruhi from host club from just raiding her closet, thrift stores and makeing cheep alterations. when you get more experiance and save your money you can start makeing more elaborite cosplays. heres a shot of the cosplay i use for masqurades experiance save money makeing elaborite cosplays shot cosplay masqurades experiance save money makeing elaborite cosplays shot cosplay masqurades

    this took 6 mounths to make. i made the wings, the coat and styled the wig.
    sometimes on big contest peices you can get funding from your own stores. the feather shop while i was working on the wings were constantly giveing me free feathers or huge discounts. also they have this shot framed in their store.
  • SierraSCK windwolf14 2011/02/27 21:15:49
    Wow!!!! That's such a great idea! I would have never thought of that.... Yeah! for my Orihime cosplay I had a button down white t-shirt, I have her school shoes and knee socks... But thrift stores are a great idea!!! That's for the help! :)
  • FoxFairy 2011/02/20 02:19:05
    I LOVE anime and am just getting into manga, one has to keep in mind lots of the best stuff is not mass marketed for the US and have to be watched on a English sub/dub site on-line. There are all sorts for any taste...

    Shonen - for boys 12-18
    Bishonen - mostly for guys but girls can enjoy it too
    Shojou - for girls, applies to mostly any age
    Mahou shojou - magical girls
    Harem - all the girls like the same guy
    Reverse harem - all the guys like the same girl
    Ecchi - pervy situations
    Mecha - robotic armor suits with a person inside
    Parody - references to other animes
    Slice of life - normal everyay situations
    Josei - for women and girls in their late teens
    Bishi - beautiful men
    Seinen - trageted for 18-30yr old males
    Moe - liking in a fictional character's characteristics
    Lolicon - attraction to young girls
    Shotacon - attraction to young boys
    Yaoi- Parody romance between two men (usually written for women)
    Shonen Ai- a Shojou where there is a romance between two boys
    Hentai - anime porn
    Jidai-Geki- Period piece drama
    Kaiju- Centers around a giant creature of some type

    In this country we tend to see lots of Shonen, Mahou shoujou, Harem, Moe and Mecha.
    I personally prefer Parody, Reverse Harem and Slice of Life...the Josei and Yaoi are interesting but, tend to have a surprizing amount of sex in them...and Ecchi is extremely irretating in my oppinion.
  • SierraSCK FoxFairy 2011/02/20 17:33:07
    Hahahaha wow you know your stuff! ^o^
    1 million brownie points to you + lots and lots of props! :D
    I personally am a fan of shonen, yaoi, shonen-ai,ecchi and slice of life! <3
    I'm glad to see that there's anime freaks out here in sodahead too!!! :D
  • FoxFairy SierraSCK 2011/02/20 20:37:50
    Yeah it's really great to know there are other female anime fans out there, I've talked to so many guys about it that I was beginning to feel like the only one in this part of the world, lol. I am just starting to really get in Yaoi, was a bit taken off guard by how completely hot they are! Thanks for opening up the topic. :)
  • SierraSCK FoxFairy 2011/02/21 16:28:10
    Yeah, I know what you mean! Not a large community of anime loving females....
    Yaoi is amazing
    andddd you're welcome! XD

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