Do You Think a Parent Should Admit to Having a Favorite Child?

ABC News U.S. 2012/09/25 14:56:05
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  • Sidrah Zaheer 2012/11/04 21:44:05
    Sidrah Zaheer
    A parent should not have a favourite child. A real parent never does.
  • ehrhornp 2012/09/28 15:27:48
    All children should be treated as the favorite.
  • Butch 2012/09/28 08:34:16
  • jack_kazim 2012/09/28 08:18:45
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/09/27 20:18:36
    Margaret Jacobson
    Try to treat each child equally the same!! I have to admit I had a FAV parent !! My father. He put me in school, picked my clothes, saw that I ate good food ,learned how to live, taught be how "manage" money at an early area"checking account " !! My first managing skills came from a qMOM & POP store! I had a running account ( 25 cents a week)' when I stayed on budget I was rewarded with PRAISE!! Then I go! t an old checkbook to learn to balance it. I had a dollar to work with weekly, I did this before the age of ten years. My mother had two daughters that she HATED !! She loved only HER brothers and sisters !! Having a FAV should never be a source of conflict in the family . The children should be able to figure which one is favored .
  • ☆Katharina☆ 2012/09/27 20:05:30
    it would cause too many problems
  • Stan Kapusta 2012/09/27 20:04:43
    Stan Kapusta
    It takes a few seconds to start a lifetime of hatred. No parents should never do that. But some do. Some do it by showing more preference in another sibling. That I've seen is common.
  • Pam 2012/09/27 19:43:41
    A child knows without anyone saying it. My ex favored his older daughter over his younger and both knew it.
  • Robin 2012/09/27 19:04:23 (edited)
    Never. It doesn't work in any situation, be it staff you supervise, children you teach, etc..

    but your own children are most important. Each one the dearest to your very soul, each in their own precious,precious ways. They do stuff that irks me, but a favorite? Nope. I try to spend equal time, kisses, hugs, mommy and me only time, etc.. with each of mine. Enjoy them now. We don't know what tomorrow holds.
  • QTKaulitz 2012/09/27 11:50:18
    not only is favoritism wrong but admitting it can hurt feelings and can also create a HUGE division in a family. But honestly, admitting it is a whole lot better than showing it
  • JJ 2012/09/27 10:09:34
    If they fel that way, they need to keep t to themselves and too, not show it through actions. Children should be loved as a whole, not one more than another. Now, if a child has a certain talent and they love doing a certain thing , then I feel it should be encouraged, and the same with the other child. Love can be balanced out.
  • Tracie Richards~PWCM~JLA 2012/09/27 08:34:57
    Tracie Richards~PWCM~JLA
    I tell my children that I love them all equally. Any perceived inequality should be explained. Do I find it exasperating when the older ones are jealous of the 11 year old because she gets things they don't anymore? Yes, then I remind them that they had their time of birthday parties, easter egg hunts, and bedtime stories and now it's her turn.
  • Florence Doucet 2012/09/27 08:28:53
    Florence Doucet
    No they shouldnt but the kids know who is the favorite anyway.
  • KCMamabear 2012/09/27 05:40:26
    Hell no!
  • Cat 2012/09/27 04:58:22
    But only after they've all reached age 30 and you see how much they care about their parents.
  • MercuryZero 2012/09/27 04:34:49
    You're a dumbass and a fail parent if you do.
  • mizzSHADYgirl 2012/09/27 04:16:11
    whaat? never! >:(
  • PandahSixx 2012/09/27 03:42:54
  • Gregaj7 2012/09/27 03:34:47
    Hiding or lying about it causes more problems.
  • Gabsters<3 2012/09/27 02:55:47
  • hasher 2012/09/27 01:15:43
    i never had a favorite. but i love each one of them differently. they are all so unique in their own way. and i have a great relationship with each of them.
  • Little Queen-Phαετ 2012/09/27 00:08:43
    Little Queen-Phαετ
    Both my children are my favorites, even if they do, sometimes, take turns. Everyone gets annoying sometimes. Just like I'm sure I'm not always their favorite mom, even though I'm their only mom.
  • Stevethinks 2012/09/27 00:02:07
    This is a sick question.
  • American Girl 2012/09/26 22:02:49
    American Girl
    A parent should never show favorites.
  • Noor 2012/09/26 22:02:15 (edited)
    I did it all the time.

    "Mommy she got more raisins than I did"

    A gentle laugh and the response ~ "That is because I love her more than you."

    the next week... along comes her sister...

    "Mommy she got the nice one"

    Again the laugh and the response ~ "That is because I love her more than you."

    The sisters are adults and best friends... despite my telling each of them the other was my favourite... dozens of times.

    Coincidentally, that always stopped the whining. Every time.
  • venus 2012/09/26 21:29:12
    You could totally mess up a kid by admitting to them you like their sibling more and the parents need to learn that each child is unique in their own and they shouldn't compare them with each other because that leads to them hating their sibling and their parents and it's not a healthy environment to life in .
  • Lordoftheringsrox 2012/09/26 21:11:03
    No, but I guess it also depends.
  • Mattie 2012/09/26 20:31:42
    No good. If the kids can figure it out, sure, but don't right out say it.
    I know for sure that I'm the Loki of the family....My older brother is Thor...
    loki and thor
  • Tracie ... Mattie 2012/09/27 08:37:21
    Tracie Richards~PWCM~JLA
    So you're the hot brooding sexy one and he's the smug pain in the butt? :D
  • Mattie Tracie ... 2012/09/27 20:12:27
    Oh, yes, indeed XD
  • Sarah 2012/09/26 20:12:16
    well im a only child so idc but when i have kids i wont have a fav.. maybe....
  • thefatguy 2012/09/26 19:56:21
    No. It's better to keep it to yourself. Then, give your favorite child special treatment, like more ice cream and play time. LOL, just kidding.
  • life.of.insanity 2012/09/26 19:30:36
    That could really damage a child that wasn't a favorite!
  • GreatLakes 2012/09/26 19:15:51
    It's not ok but even when parents don't say it, kids get treated different and they feel it.
  • Apache 2012/09/26 19:02:11
  • Tracie ... Apache 2012/09/27 08:37:53
    Tracie Richards~PWCM~JLA
    Well said!
  • naked_and_barefoot N.I.T. 2012/09/26 18:59:13
    naked_and_barefoot N.I.T.

    Is this a trick question? We all have different traits which is what makes each of us...US.
  • lovemykiddos 2012/09/26 18:35:22
    it builds character.
  • Anna 2012/09/26 18:30:14
    They almost always do have a favorite, and the kids will pick up on it anyway, but confirming it won't do anybody good.
  • SW 2012/09/26 18:00:54 (edited)
    No way. Sometimes I think parents go too far to seem "fair" when they're not taking into account that thier kids are different and have different needs and qualities, but no way should you even have a "favorite" let alone admit it. Maybe to your shrink --which your kids are gonna need if you play favorites.

    My kids are so different, but I really deep down don't have a "favorite." one. if there is a difference it's like a billion vs a billion point zero 2.

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