There's a YouTube video called "Classic Yosemite Sam vs Bugs" that offered myself & my family some humor therapy. We needed to laugh & heal after being traumatized by watching the behavior of an apparently mentally ill or narcissistic-like or PTSDed human-being who acts out his rage & revenge. After subjecting ourselves to watching this abuse, we added salt to our wounds in reading destructive & egotistical comments by who knows who? Could SOME of these commenters be sociopaths or criminally insane? So many comments are devoid of any empathy or love or kindness or forgiveness. So many are full of hatred, vulgar language, criticisms, justificating violence & devoid of any peace of mind. The best I can do & many like me can do is to have compassion for the rantings & ravings of off-balance or unhappy or predatory-like people for they are victims of their own ill conditions. Seeing the wisdom of surrendering the ego can help most of these poor souls, but for those who are incapable of relinquishing their pride & arrogance, they need to be quarantined away from the rest of society so society can thrive & prosper.