Do you still have real (paper) books or have you switched to E-Books?

Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/03/28 13:58:59
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  • Boris Badinov 2012/04/26 23:44:19
    I have books printed on paper.
    Boris Badinov
    I have a Kindle too.
  • Lucki 2012/04/06 17:58:06
    I have books printed on paper.
    I may start reading e-books (I don't have an e-reader yet, and only occasionally wish I did), but I will never get rid of my hard copy. In fact, anyone who wants to get rid of their hard copy can send them to me! ^__^
  • renne 2012/04/01 22:04:27
    I have books printed on paper.
    Old skool yo
  • PrettieReptar 2012/04/01 06:49:31
    I have books printed on paper.
    I read both but prefer paper.
  • La 2012/04/01 04:32:54
    I have books printed on paper.
    Don't want an e-reader. I spend enough time staring at a screen as it is. I like reading actual books.
  • jessica 2012/04/01 04:03:14
    I have books printed on paper.
    nothing beats the real thing
  • Caitlin Keim Brazeal 2012/03/31 05:44:09
    I have books printed on paper.
    Caitlin Keim Brazeal
    i think its the best way to have them. i like the smell and i like actually flipping the pages
  • hasher 2012/03/31 00:00:28
    I have books printed on paper.
    i have had many of my books for years just because the e books are out doesnt mean im going to get rid of my books. and i cant afford one of them right now anyway.
  • KarenInKenoshaWisconsin 2012/03/30 03:07:27
    I use an e-reader.
    Both actually. Many books still aren't available in digital form.
  • AmyMah 2012/03/30 00:45:34
    I have books printed on paper.
    a printed book feels more real
  • Angry Amber 2012/03/29 23:47:51
    I have books printed on paper.
    Angry Amber
    I have an e-read too... but rarely ever use it. The only thing I use it for is magazine subscriptions and games. If I'm going to read a book, I want the real thing in my hands.
  • Harry Potter 2012/03/29 23:39:41
    I have books printed on paper.
    Harry Potter
    I use both, but usually the book I want I can't buy for my Kindle
  • The Mosher 2012/03/29 22:16:25
    I have books printed on paper.
    The Mosher
    I really hope the printed books dont permanently go away just more satisfying when you finish a print book
  • Rubyking 2012/03/29 21:52:44
    I have books printed on paper.
    I don't have an e-reader, want one though
  • Mark 2012/03/29 21:37:47
    I have books printed on paper.
    I have no use for an overpriced e-reader.
  • Mamaknows 2012/03/29 21:12:50
    I have books printed on paper.
    BUT I just bought my first e book for my PC because of this question!!
    SUPER simple and cheaper then even used books and shipping...so thank you:)
    This site explained it all easy even for me:)~
  • hasher Mamaknows 2012/03/31 00:02:49
    really try a thrift store for used books. i buy mine for 25cents to 50 cents. cheap. or the library to borrow. works for me.
  • Mamaknows hasher 2012/03/31 02:16:40
    Yes I do that buy when I want to buy a new book(that they never have in the used shops or thrift stores...I usally get them on Amazon but this way when it's a book that I will read and toss...like Hunger games series or Twilight series I will read them once but not like Lord of the Rings which I own and read every year. It works out great this way and super easy. Less books around that I have to find a home for because I loath throwing books away except really really bad ones.
  • TheVynne 2012/03/29 21:09:44
    I have books printed on paper.
    Nothing really replaces the feel of having an actual book in your hands. Not to mention it's much less straining on one's eyes.
  • skyperkins1 2012/03/29 20:43:58
  • lilacinfidelus 2012/03/29 20:31:35
    I have books printed on paper.
    I love my books. I love the rustle of the pages and the musty, papery smell.
  • KawaiiPandaSoldier 2012/03/29 19:27:43
    I have books printed on paper.
    i'm never going to stop reading real books..sorry trees but i love the feel and the smell of them :P just bought a new one hehe
  • Sprout 2012/03/29 18:21:54
    I have books printed on paper.
    I like turning the page.
  • Josh Leegood 2012/03/29 17:59:58
    I have books printed on paper.
    Josh Leegood
    I would read e-books were they easier for me to get/read
  • Momena 오어ㅣ나 2012/03/29 17:50:50
    I use an e-reader.
    Momena 오어ㅣ나
    i have both
  • Lady Winters 2012/03/29 17:29:40
    I use an e-reader.
    Lady Winters
    I have both
  • deadsun9 2012/03/29 17:02:11
    I have books printed on paper.
    I like paper books much more. But I can't loose all my money this way (
    so, 95% of my library contains e-books.
  • Viet Era medic 2012/03/29 16:24:03
    I have books printed on paper.
    Viet Era medic
    real books... I don't want to go the other route as I like the feel of books in my hand and also have a library in my house.. NO ebooks or kindle for me.
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2012/03/29 16:19:00
    I have books printed on paper.
    I prefer a book I can hold in my hand and turn the pages. I have a library card and will travel to get a book.
  • Lady Serena 2012/03/29 16:17:33
    I use an e-reader.
    Lady Serena
    where's the "both" answer?!?
    i have my kindle but still appreciate the feel of turning an actual page and the smell of older books
  • LarryFine 2012/03/29 15:56:12
    I have books printed on paper.
    The "paper or plastic" question as it applies to books!!
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2012/03/29 15:54:10
  • Guido Chris -... 2012/03/29 16:05:30
    You beat me to it. Damn you. You can't defend yourself before we get to jump you.
    Quick question, help me out....can you read the Kindle anywhere, inside and outside.
  • Chris -... Guido 2012/03/29 18:29:15
  • Guido Chris -... 2012/03/29 18:58:31
    I'm getting one, Thank you..... the sunlight did it
  • Chris -... Guido 2012/03/29 20:33:43
  • Guido Chris -... 2012/03/30 02:04:00
    I have the iPad so I want the non flaming kindle?
  • Chris -... Guido 2012/03/30 10:55:17 (edited)
  • Guido Chris -... 2012/03/30 11:01:30
    Thank you, I'll get one today.
  • Chris -... Guido 2012/03/30 11:05:53
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