Do you smoke? if you do, do you smell like cigarette smoke right now?

TiffanyLovesCupcakes(: 2011/04/18 20:05:59
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i do and it smells really good (: i love it :P
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  • jjwolfe 2011/04/29 22:58:11 (edited)
    i am really against smoking and the smell of cigarette.. major turn off for me
  • DEMONN NINNJA 2011/04/24 04:59:16
    I do but I don't smell like it unless I just smoked; that last maybe 10 mins at most.
  • Maria[Munroe's-Sugarplum] 2011/04/23 07:45:59
    Ugh, no. Instant turn off. I'd love to get rid of smoking and the smells for the rest of my life. Periodd.
  • carrotcat 2011/04/20 04:33:16
    Ew the smoke of cigarettes is disgusting. I have a history of bronchitis (so thank goodness) I cannot smoke.
  • ♥EnjoyTheSilenceWhileItsThere♥
    god no!!!!!!!!!i flippin hate that word!!!!!!!!!that word gives me chills down my back when i say it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • guitar kid 2011/04/19 04:09:09
    guitar kid
    Ew I hate cigarettes and the smell of cigarette smoke. Blech!
  • Nadrasta 2011/04/19 03:40:49
    I don't smoke. I hate the smelll of cigarette smoke.
  • Chuckee's twin 2011/04/19 03:07:05
    Chuckee's twin
    Naww i don't smell like smoke
  • nothing... Chuckee... 2011/04/19 03:21:23
    You smoke? Then yeah. Yeah you do.
  • Chuckee... nothing... 2011/04/19 03:26:04
    Chuckee's twin
    How are you gonna tell me if i smell like smoke?
  • nothing... Chuckee... 2011/04/19 03:42:26
    Because if you smoke, and you didn't just step out of the shower, you smell like smoke. It may be more or less offensive depending on your brand and how bad your habit is, but it is not possible to smoke without reeking of the stuff. I'm just telling you the truth that those around you are too polite to bring up.
  • Chuckee... nothing... 2011/04/19 03:50:10
    Chuckee's twin
    Hmm ok and i don't smoke often last time i smoked was 2 weeks ago so i'm assuming i don't smell like smoke
  • kiki 2011/04/19 03:01:52
    i smoke but na i dont smell
  • nothing... kiki 2011/04/19 03:18:17
    Wrong. If you smoke and you have not just stepped out of the shower, you reek. I can say this from first hand experience as a non-smoker who dated a couple of smokers. Not all brands are equally offensive, and most people won't tell you, but yes, if you smoke, you smell of smoke, and if you smoke and drink coffee, women and children flee before your breath.
  • kiki nothing... 2011/04/19 03:28:55
    i guess maybe i just never noticed :(
  • Happy Birthday 2011/04/19 02:16:18
    Happy Birthday
    I do smoke but i wll smell like it in a moment.. BAHAHAHA

    smoke wll smell bahahaha smoking
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2011/04/19 02:00:51
    No, I don't smoke. I think smoking is really gross and I don't understand why people do it. I think it smells terrible too.
  • Sin 2011/04/19 00:17:29
    I don't smoke, but my mom does, so yeah, I smelled like cigarette smoke for a good portion of my life. I will again once we move and she can smoke freely again.
  • nothing... Sin 2011/04/19 03:20:29
    I was the victim of second hand smoke for twenty years, and I will never allow a cigarette in my home. I do not believe in prohibition (you want to foul up your life that's your business) but no one should be forced to put up with unwanted cigarette smoke ever--period.
  • Sin nothing... 2011/04/19 05:45:09
    I'm used to it. Just glad I got over the withdrawal(yes I had it, so much second hand). Cool icon btw.
  • Another Lone Wolf 2011/04/18 23:48:01
    Another Lone  Wolf
    i hate second hand.
  • Poetic Ramblings 2011/04/18 22:52:36
  • darwolf 2011/04/18 22:08:16
    I'm smoking right now. sometimes i mind the smell and sometimes i don't.
  • ~Brittany~GangstaPickles 2011/04/18 22:07:51
    No i dont smoke. I dont want to ruin my life with cigarettes. I dont want to kill slowly kill myself with them either
  • thisguy:) 2011/04/18 22:03:10
    since I just literally put out a cigar after opening up this question

    why yes I do :)
  • Melian Nienor 2011/04/18 21:51:30
    Melian Nienor
    I'm glad I don't smoke anymore because cigarette smoke is gross
  • ☠megan_massacre☠ 2011/04/18 21:37:55
    I use to but I've stopped so no I don't smell like cigarette's right now. I always loved the smell of my own cigarette smoke but if I get around someone else smoking I instantly start coughing and choking.
  • Whitecatthorn 2011/04/18 21:26:37
    yes. Just had one
  • Tiffany... Whiteca... 2011/04/19 02:19:10
    ah (: me too
  • Limeh 2011/04/18 21:18:09
    i do.. it stops me cutting lol. i smoke whatever i can get my hand on lol
  • nothing... Limeh 2011/04/19 03:25:38
    It's your life.

    I dated a couple of smokers, but I would never have married one, and most of the other guys I knew (the kind of guys who, twenty years later are happily married) felt the same way. We used to be out and see some hot babe taking a puff and elbow each other "hope she's got more than looks," we would say "cause it'll take a helluvalot to compensate for THAT".
  • Limeh nothing... 2011/04/19 21:17:13
    Lol.. and that's your opinion.. i'm not arrogant with it.. i don't smoke around people who don't, well try not to.. sometimes they won't leave me alone so after like 4 hours my compassion for their health fails so i just light up.. but i appreciate some people don't like it and i get that like yourself they may refuse to have a relationship with me for it.. but right now i'm too young to care if people approve of my decisions to slowly kill myself..
  • giggity giggity 2011/04/18 21:10:10
  • anash 2011/04/18 20:53:37
    No I don't smoke. It's a terrible habit that not only shortens your life and increases your chances of getting sick, it also costs a lot of money to feed the addiction. It's just not worth it; there's really nothing beneficial to smoking cigarettes. And it smells horrible.
  • nothing... anash 2011/04/19 03:27:34
    Further, constant exposure to smoke and ask erodes one's sense of personal hygiene. I've only known one smoker in my like who wasn't a slob, and she was playing against nearly compulsive fastidiousness.
  • Zuggi 2011/04/18 20:18:41
    Yes, yes, and cigarettes smell like ass. Stale ass.
  • Tiffany... Zuggi 2011/04/18 20:19:24
    i like the smell O:
  • Josh 2011/04/18 20:17:39
    Nope. smoking is gross and the smoke smells horrible.
  • Tiffany... Josh 2011/04/18 20:19:48
    i like the smell and to me it makes me happy because i'm addicted to the nicotine \:
  • nothing... Tiffany... 2011/04/19 03:28:15
    What a shame. I love the smell of "girl", which is the first thing lost behind the fog of soot.

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