Do you sleep naked with your significant other?

kidkewlsgirl8888 2012/05/25 21:03:12
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  • naked_and_barefoot N.I.T. 2012/09/24 12:29:43
    yes always..
    naked_and_barefoot N.I.T.
    We not only sleep naked we don't bother wearing clothes when we are home. Going naked feels good.
  • Vegas Dude 2012/07/26 18:22:11
    yes always..
    Vegas Dude
    Why not? My wife and I both do. Since we're both nudists, it's only natural to sleep au naturale!
  • Eric Albertson 2012/07/06 20:34:49
    yes always..
    Eric Albertson
    Me, my girlfriend, and her girlfriend.
  • being me 2012/06/01 03:53:00
    I'm single...
    being me
    I would if I had one. I sleep nude now;-)
  • Vicereine Killbride 2012/05/31 22:37:26
    Vicereine Killbride
    I have no "significant other". Sorry....
  • cowgirl1 2012/05/31 15:55:12
    yes always..
    I only wear a smile to bed any time.
  • Centaur 2012/05/31 15:35:40
    yes always..
    Is there another way???
  • naughty_me 2012/05/31 10:16:37
    yes always..
    Except we are freezing to much when it's cold n our bodily warmth is insufficient...;)
  • Bobby 48 2012/05/26 18:19:00
  • David K 2012/05/25 23:50:46
    yes always..
    David K
    once you sleep nude there is no going back
  • Bobby 48 David K 2012/05/26 18:21:29
  • Mark In... David K 2012/05/26 22:58:07
    Mark In Irvine
    this is true ... we were born to be nekkid!
  • Marvelous Wildfire 2012/05/25 23:14:43
    yes always..
    Marvelous Wildfire
    Yes! (She deserves it!)
  • lonewolf 2012/05/25 22:04:28
    i don't have an other. but i do sleep naked by myself or with one of my lady friends
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/05/25 21:45:12 (edited)
    yes always..
    Mark In Irvine
    except when it is freezing cold outside and we have the heater set sort of low ... sometimes when we're naked in bed, we aren't sleeping ... we watch TV and/or read and/or ... how old are you?
  • kidkewl... Mark In... 2012/05/26 12:20:43
    Lol 24

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