Do You Remember Things You Want To Forget?

ilikechickensandcows :3 2013/12/08 04:53:12
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So many horrible memories... I just want to forget.... but I always remember them... they always come back to haunt me...
I wish I could forget....
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  • abubincrazy 2013/12/08 05:00:19
    Well, we all have our crosses to bear.
    My internet Freud tells me that dwelling on the past won't change the present or the future.
    Learn from it, and let it go if you want to be happy.

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  • alasia min 2014/01/01 19:13:35
    alasia min
    just give me a time machine already
  • Keith 2013/12/16 15:20:23
    The challenge is to learn to cope with one's past. Bad things happen but its crucial to recognize how you feel about those things. Talk about it. Write about it. Don't bottle it up inside.
  • VampFreak13 2013/12/10 04:36:00
    Memories whether good or bad are part of what make you what you are today...there always a lesson or something that helps to mold you...the hardest thing is sifting out what is needed and what you need to file away as a learning experience...not always easy but necessary to move on with your life...good luck on your journey... :)
  • LawrenceDeitrich 2013/12/09 17:29:47
  • .: LiVi :. 2013/12/09 13:36:37
    .: LiVi :.
    But I'll forget them eventually
  • Sammy 2013/12/08 23:09:22
  • fallnhope ◆ The Hobbit 2013/12/08 23:02:48
    fallnhope ◆ The Hobbit
    But the one thing I want to remember, I can't.
  • Serenit... fallnho... 2013/12/09 01:32:49
  • fallnho... Serenit... 2013/12/09 01:38:51
    fallnhope ◆ The Hobbit
    Look in your inbox and I told ya
  • Serenit... fallnho... 2013/12/09 02:33:24
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
  • fallnho... Serenit... 2013/12/09 02:34:44
    fallnhope ◆ The Hobbit
  • featherwood 2013/12/08 21:15:32
    None of the above
    We're invited to hand our worries and problems over to God, who can handle them better than we can. He'll never let you down.
  • david abe 2013/12/08 20:51:44
    david abe
    Associations with various locations ,I wish I could forget.
  • oldsalt 2013/12/08 20:42:54
    More often than I'd like
  • Trevor Philips 2013/12/08 20:07:18
    Trevor Philips
    That's probaby my biggest problem..
  • Jan 2013/12/08 19:28:58
    Unfortunately I do and it saddens me.
  • LQ~phaet 2013/12/08 19:10:39
    Everyone does. It's for our own good, to a degree. Like our central nervous system's ability to register physical pain, it alerts us to change our behavior. No one wants to feel pain, emotionally or physically, but without the 'feeling', you'd have a hard time surviving.

    Best you can do is train your brain to be thinking about what it wants, not what it doesn't want. It takes a lot of practice, and still you will remember, just not as often or for as long.
  • Lorelei 2013/12/08 19:02:17
    None of the above
    Sometimes. The more recently it happened the more I remember, but eventually it gets easier. Sometimes when a memory comes back only once in a while I have to make sure i don't grab it and hold on. I don't try to prevent it occurring, bu but don't wallow in it when it does. The key for me is time. It just takes time.
  • OzSurfer 2013/12/08 18:59:58
    Most of my childhood. Sorry to hear you have lots of bad memories too Z

    I'd wipe out your bad memories with this if I could find one...

    childhood hear lots memories wipe memories
  • ilikech... OzSurfer 2013/12/08 19:01:31
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    That would be perfect..
  • Dickens 2013/12/08 18:01:37
    ...yep....I'd love to forget my year in Vietnam...(I also forget things I want to remember...)
  • Aidan C 2013/12/08 17:22:25
    Aidan C
    Not so much horrible memories, but ones I would like to forget, things that make me angry and when I remember them, the anger wells up again. I've been told to let it go, and when I ask how one does that, I am looked at as if I had just landed on the planet.
  • JohnT 2013/12/08 16:58:54
    Of course had plenty of them growing up but that was then and this is now. I put them where they belong in the past. They are facts of reference and little more now. For those that are strong that is where they belong.
  • Serenity Guru of lurve *wink* 2013/12/08 15:21:42 (edited)
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    The only way to almost erase these memories is to heal the damage that has been done

    trauma will never be completely wiped from memory

    1) You talk about how you feel (as you talk to Me)

    2) You look and see , that you had no control (lay the blame where it belongs)

    3) When you are ready (you will tell those who can help you in your World , until you do these memories will continue to haunt you because you are alone with your thoughts) Z my darling sweet Girl

    I can't even put it into words how it feels to stop thinking about those who hurt me as at one time they ruled my life , stole my joy and caused me so much emotional pain .

    Nights of crying myself to sleep , fear of closing my Eyes because then they enter your dreams

    Now months and months go by without given them a second thought because I have healed and you will to

    But only when you take back the control

    love you Sis and I hate to see you in pain and I so want it to stop :( sister hugs

    Serenity be strong beautiful there is a rainbow after a storm
  • ilikech... Serenit... 2013/12/08 15:23:54
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    Thank You Serenity... Love you too <3
  • Serenit... ilikech... 2013/12/08 15:29:21
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
  • ilikech... Serenit... 2013/12/08 15:31:44
  • Serenit... ilikech... 2013/12/08 15:47:07
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    you know you don't need to put on a smile for me
    drop the mask
    it's ok to show us how you really feel
  • ilikech... Serenit... 2013/12/08 15:50:18
  • Serenit... ilikech... 2013/12/08 16:24:38
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    i know how you feel 44

    I know babe , you're having a bad day but you will soon feel like yourself again as this will pass .
    I know what's wrong .........you haven't been in our mad group with Ozzy
    he can always put a smile on your face .
    I will make sure he knows how you feel as soon as he wakes up as I know he would hate to see you so upset
    I think he just missed ending up as a Sharks appetizer from what I briefly read in my PM , reckon our Oz will be having his own nightmares right now *shudder*
    but he does love that Surf lolz

    surfing gif
  • ilikech... Serenit... 2013/12/08 16:27:30
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    Yeah.... I don't know If I would be though Serenity.... I haven't felt OK in a while now...I don't remember the last time I was truly OK... and I honestly don't know when I will be...
    i want to be ok tumblr
  • Serenit... ilikech... 2013/12/08 17:01:22
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    In Psychological terms , they call this spilling over .
    When one experiences something so traumatic that
    it pushes it's way to the surface
    My step Daughter years ago had a Gun held to her face
    and until the police came to see her mum
    (she had no recollection at all) but she was seen on CCTV

    She was fine for ages , years and then things started
    pushing their way to the surface , his face and the feeling of
    absolute sheer fear fear

    Just paralysed her *Bastard , I could kill him for what he has done to my beautiful Karen (have known her since she was a cheeky young thing)
    14 years ago she jumped on my lap and gave me the biggest cheekiest smile and I loved her instantly .

    She is in the process of healing *it's amazing the damage that can be done by one person*

    I have just been told by her Dad *she was on the phone while I was typing this* (weird) that she wants to put her tablets down
    because she is feeling so much stronger

    You are young but you sound like you are suffering from depression Z
    (not surprising from what I know) you are most likely suffering PTSD
    as well

    PTSD is like a slide show but these images and moving memories evoke fear in us and these images may not always be clear as the Human Mind can only cope with so much .

    Go see your Dr asap , it's time to ease the pain Sis
    you deserve to be happy
  • ilikech... Serenit... 2013/12/08 17:10:55
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    I don't know... I remember things that's happened like yesterday...
    Yeah but... I don't want to go to the doctors... I'm afraid of them.
    I'm sure I'll be fine sis... I just need a little time...maybe.
  • Serenit... ilikech... 2013/12/08 17:49:51
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    You don't have to be afraid of your Dr Z
    they are there to help you and they deal with
    16 year old Girls suffering from depression
    all time
    Things like depression don't get better by
    themselves babe , they get worse

    And with a little help , you could feel so much

    just saying
  • ilikech... Serenit... 2013/12/08 17:54:04
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    shrugging gif
    Thanks Serenity... I"m just tired... of a lot of things right now...
    i want to be happy again tumblr
  • Serenit... ilikech... 2013/12/08 18:37:01 (edited)
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    Then it's time to stop feeling all these things that are making you so
    very tired and say reach out

    *I NEED HELP* ..........

    When you're ready but don't , leave it too long

    Think of yourself as that really cool game katamari gif
    Katamari *so addictive*

    We go through life and it throws us challenges , Heartaches , confusion , arguments with parents , friends , Teachers and siblings ,
    our thoughts that we are different (strange) we have all had them babe
    (otherwise we really would be strange lolz)
    Crazy hahaha Z those who think they are sane are truly crazy

    So we tumble along like Katamari collecting all these things
    "wow" kind of makes one understand how life gets too much
    sometimes katamari gif
  • ilikech... Serenit... 2013/12/08 18:56:30
    ilikechickensandcows :3
  • Jazzy LP 2013/12/08 14:56:09
    Jazzy LP
    Yes unfortunately. But I try not to think about it most of the time.
  • Tordgaard 2013/12/08 14:55:24
    Sure. As unpleasant as it may be, it's often good to remember terrible things so that we can behave in ways that prevent their repetition (or try to end the causes).
  • JanHopkins 2013/12/08 13:31:40
    But I have learned to block the worst of it.

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