Do you remember the dirt road days?

roger 2008/04/17 12:59:30
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  • angel,22 2008/04/27 11:55:31 (edited)
  • Sailor Dale 2008/04/24 10:46:30
    Sailor Dale
    Yes, way back when you could take a five dollar bill, and buy a 12 pack of beer, and $2.00 worth of gas and cruise & drink all night!!!!

    Gas- $ 0.25 cents a gallon
    12 Pack of beer - $ 2.79
    All the old memories- Priceless!!!!

  • reminder 2008/04/22 00:34:23
    Still a few left. Our were just paved 3 years ago. I loved to ride the dirt trails years ago. And right now when I get the chance.
  • Leethal 2008/04/18 03:20:54
    We still have a few over here
  • zowie 2008/04/18 00:04:47
    were my father lives,they still have some.
  • valrie life's a Beach! 2008/04/17 23:06:18
    valrie life's a Beach!
    I loved this, thanks, Roger!
  • jljohn 2008/04/17 22:00:54
    Surely do! One could learn a great deal without maniacs buzzing by at 80!
  • Yes
    ღ✞☮ νєяσηιcα ღ✞☮
    Very Nice site. *-*
  • Cathy *In God we trust* 2008/04/17 19:46:25
    Cathy *In God we trust*
    Sure do, I was raised on a dirt road. Those were the best
    Marble playing days I ever had. We would go out side and
    draw pictures of our neighbor when we would get mad at
    her for some dumb reason. (a kid thing) At the end of the dirt
    road was the best fishing spot around. Oh the memories :)
  • Kate 2008/04/17 18:56:56
    yup, i grew up in that type of place.. i am glad we have paved roads these days.. lol
  • Tired Old Man 2008/04/17 18:48:24
    Tired Old Man
    I remember them fondly. Where I grew up, the deciduous forest would arch over the road, creating a living tunnel. A lot of the roads were red clay and when it would rain the clay would stick to your shoes, each step you took you got a little bit taller. It took forever to clean the clay off your shoes. Then the county black topped the roads, it just wasn't the same after that.
  • Sir Jim 2008/04/17 16:29:54
    Sir Jim
    I live in Arkansas and there are a great many dirt roads here. Also I well remember when their was not one Freeway or Interstate or Toll Highway in the whole country. Does that count???

  • Jean 2008/04/17 15:58:55
    I guess I grew up where there were a lot of farms and all the roads out there were dirt roads and Lots of lovers lanes all over the place. LOL
  • Gone! 2008/04/17 15:46:06
  • Unmistakably Liz 2008/04/17 15:31:06
    Unmistakably Liz
    My family owns a vacation home in Maine.
    Lots of Dirt roads out there!
  • I Luv Hillary 2008/04/17 14:28:50
    I Luv Hillary
    Dirt roads are alive and well in DETROIT! Connecting roads are still dirt in the city. Don't believe this! Visit streets at 8 Mile and Warren!
  • Conker Pucci 2008/04/17 13:52:54
  • Sister Jean 2008/04/17 13:44:47
    Sister Jean
    sad to say...my age is showing
  • Sailor ... Sister ... 2008/04/24 10:49:57
  • Waldy1 2008/04/17 13:40:19
    I spent some of my best times staying with my aunt and uncle on the farm.Dirt road to town.Boy the dust would really whip up if you drove a little fast!
  • birdiegrl 2008/04/17 13:20:32
    I live in Oklahoma and their is alot of dirt roads. My husbands best friend lives on 20 acres and the main road is all rock and dirt they put some oil stuff on it to stop the dirt from flying around. My kids school has a dirt road around the school to the football and baceball fields. You have to drop of the kids using that road. If you go into the school you park in the frount where it is paved.
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2008/04/17 13:09:58
  • sojo 2008/04/17 13:06:51
    That's where I learned to drive! believe it or not, we still have a few in my area.

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