Do you own and use a second fridge or freezer?

Dar 2011/08/25 12:47:32
Yes, its convenient.
No, good idea though.
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  • jere.chievres 2011/11/18 00:06:47
    Yes, its convenient.
    2 Refrigerators 2 Freezers
  • Th8nos 2011/10/15 15:28:39
    Yes, its convenient.
    of course, where else does the food go...since the beer is in the first one...the real necessity
  • sglmom 2011/10/15 06:17:01
    Yes, its convenient.
    Let's me make one big Trip a month .. the rest of the time I just fix meals out of both the Regular Kitchen Fridge and the Upright freezer ...
  • ttfndude 2011/08/26 23:55:42
    Yes, its convenient.
    I buy in bulk due to how are paychecks come in so it is easier to hold 3 months of food in the extra freezer
  • Dar ttfndude 2011/08/27 06:41:39
  • GOD 2011/08/26 13:29:39 (edited)
    Yes, its convenient.
    yes I buy in bulk The American way LOL

  • Dar GOD 2011/08/27 06:41:55
  • LilMissLOL 2011/08/26 08:50:40
    Yes, its convenient.
    We have a second freezer, one of the small ones.
  • Dar LilMissLOL 2011/08/27 06:42:15
  • John 2011/08/26 03:34:45
    Yes, its convenient.
    We have an upstairs fridge, basement freezer and a small fridge in the garage.
  • Dar John 2011/08/27 06:42:32
  • Ifemi 2011/08/26 03:09:07
    Yes, its convenient.
    freezer in landry room
  • Dar Ifemi 2011/08/27 06:42:46
  • Ifemi Dar 2011/08/31 05:26:20
  • melliemark. 2011/08/26 02:30:32
    Yes, its convenient.
    yeah we have one in our basement
  • Dar melliem... 2011/08/27 06:42:57
  • Deathblooms /m\ 2011/08/26 02:11:44
    Deathblooms /m\
    Yes, I have a second fridge and freezer. I have a large family, so I buy in bulk for us all. Plus freeze many fruits when in season, for my baking.
  • Dar Deathbl... 2011/08/27 06:43:11
  • Chukroast 2011/08/26 02:00:42
    Yes, its convenient.
    Good thing. We just got a load from Omaha Steaks.
  • Dar Chukroast 2011/08/27 06:43:23
  • Loverofcountry 2011/08/26 01:50:19
    Yes, its convenient.
    I have a fridge/freezer in the kitchen, and a chest freezer downstairs. The freezer comes in handy when there are some good sales on meat. Also use it to freeze blueberries and raspberries when they are lower in price.
  • Dar Loverof... 2011/08/27 06:43:35
  • Bo 2011/08/25 23:22:40
    Yes, its convenient.
    I have a fridge/freezer in the house one in the garage and a box freezer in the house I eat good lol
  • Dar Bo 2011/08/27 06:43:52
  • ShinyUmbreon01 2011/08/25 23:20:03
    Yes, its convenient.
    Yeah, we have two freezers.
  • Dar ShinyUm... 2011/08/27 06:44:16
  • julzzz 2011/08/25 23:16:14
    Yes, its convenient.
    I have an extra freezer downstairs and a beer fridge thats empty at the moment.
  • Dar julzzz 2011/08/27 06:44:23
  • music_lover<3 2011/08/25 23:00:28
    Yes, its convenient.
    I have a big freezer in the garage for like chicken breasts and stuff you keep for a while
  • Dar music_l... 2011/08/27 06:44:30
  • sjalan 2011/08/25 21:53:20
    Yes, its convenient.
    Freezer. A really big one since when we butcher in the fall we need plenty of room for all the meat and frozen veggies.

    It is 70 cu ft and a walkin. Super insulated and costs less to run than most regular freezers.
  • Dar sjalan 2011/08/27 06:44:36
  • XXrawwwrXX 2011/08/25 21:18:57 (edited)
    Yes, its convenient.
    an extra freezer in the storage area for ice cream and stuff like that
  • Dar XXrawwwrXX 2011/08/27 06:44:48
  • Cap 2011/08/25 20:46:15
    Yes, its convenient.
    Yes. My former secretary gave it to me many years ago to store because she was moving out on her husband and had no place to put it. When she found a place, she no longer wanted it, so I plugged it in, and, when it began to hum, I filled it up with beer, ice cream, and other goodies that make Life grand. I shudder to think how long ago that was, but that fridge has been around as long as my youngest son - providing almost as much pleasure and none of the heartbreak (something each of us tells the other).
  • Dar Cap 2011/08/27 06:44:55
  • DebraDeJonge 2011/08/25 20:46:11
    Yes, its convenient.
    We have a freezer in our basement. the freezer that's part of the refrigerator doesn't hold enough. This way we can have enough food ahead. lol.
  • Dar DebraDe... 2011/08/27 06:45:00
  • cali 2011/08/25 20:12:01
  • Dar cali 2011/08/27 06:45:05

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