Do You Like/Have Cats?

Rebecca 2012/02/01 07:48:37
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i have towo! Mac and Hunter <3
hahahaha this ismy two xD
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  • Bloody Brey 2012/02/12 05:04:52
    got 2!
    Bloody Brey
    two girls, Bridget and Sophia. I had to bottle feed Sophia when I got her and Bridget is named after an accused witch of the Salem witchcraft trials cuz I got her on the anniversary of Bridget Bishop's death and Sophia is named after Nathaniel Hawthorne's wife. They're my precious little demons and I wouldn't trade them for the world:)
  • ♥NaNa♥ 2012/02/10 17:00:56
    no way!
    i hate cats...
  • ~*Chelsey*~ 2012/02/07 16:42:36
    got 2!
    I've got two boys, Milo and Duncan :)
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2012/02/01 17:11:51 (edited)
    no way!
    I like cats, love them in fact. With my mom being allergic to their hair though and the fact that as of this past Saturday I have a pet mouse, it wouldn't be a good idea. I don't have anything against them that I can think of though.

    Black Cats
  • The River Rat 2012/02/01 11:57:34
    i Prefer...
    The River Rat
    I love cats and dogs. I just do not have a cat right now. I just have not gotten any since my two girls died a little over two years ago. They were litter mates. One died in Nov, and the other in Dec. They were 19 years old. I do have one dog now. Next time I get one, I think I will get a puppy and a kitten at the same time so they can grow up together.
  • Dar 2012/02/01 11:56:38
    got 2!
    Blackie and Buddie!
  • Red Pixy 2012/02/01 11:41:23
    i have one!
    Red Pixy
    i had one but now i don't know where is she,now i don't have one because ,most of cats have (cants Virus) so i don't get cats into my house anymore
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/02/01 10:25:06
    got 2!
    Lady Whitewolf
    Maya and Samson
  • Nish 2012/02/01 08:15:57
    got 2!
  • Tanit 2012/02/01 08:03:06
    i have one!
    I kitten and 3 dogs
  • ducktape 2012/02/01 07:59:36
    Yep love them but then I'm an animal lover :0)

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