Do you like sushi?

Kezzi Morris 2012/09/16 16:55:09
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Yes I like sushi
No sushi is disgusting
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  • naturelad 2012/10/21 15:01:34
    No sushi is disgusting
  • timothy.hill.14 2012/09/17 09:25:00
    Yes I like sushi
    California rolls only. No raw stuff.
  • Abtidon 2012/09/17 06:09:31
    Yes I like sushi
    But hard to use Chines chopsticks :(
  • hermit57 2012/09/17 06:07:08
    No sushi is disgusting
    Tried it and didn't like it.
  • Robin 2012/09/17 01:15:11
    Yes I like sushi
    I love it! Except for that hellishly hot green wasbi or whatever it is called. That is do not like.
  • Catch224u 2012/09/17 00:50:37
    No sushi is disgusting
    You mean fish bait?
  • Fred Rogers 2012/09/16 23:39:10
    Yes I like sushi
    Fred Rogers
    Love it!
  • Saga 2012/09/16 22:57:10
    Yes I like sushi
    Crispy chicken and teriyaki chicken are the best. :3
  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2012/09/16 22:47:33
    Yes I like sushi
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    om nom nom nom sushi
  • AmericanVirus 2012/09/16 21:43:34
    Yes I like sushi
    Sushi is awesome, am having some tonight
  • fallnhope ◆ The Hobbit 2012/09/16 20:25:41
    Yes I like sushi
    fallnhope ◆ The Hobbit
    my favorite is eel
  • baxter 2012/09/16 19:41:39
    Yes I like sushi
    i like it i could eat it every day
  • ✞ॐGuru Joshॐ✞ 2012/09/16 19:29:46
    Yes I like sushi
    ✞ॐGuru Joshॐ✞
  • ehrhornp 2012/09/16 18:58:05
    Yes I like sushi
    Great stuff.
  • CrazyJason 2012/09/16 18:49:02
    No sushi is disgusting
    Hell no! I can't understand people that do. It's just so nasty to me.
  • ikeknight 2012/09/16 18:37:02
    Yes I like sushi
    If it's vegetarian.
  • pepper5419 2012/09/16 18:34:47
    No sushi is disgusting
    Raw fish isn't for me.
  • us 2012/09/16 18:19:30
    No sushi is disgusting
    I never had it, but i believe it is raw fish, no because i don't like fish.
  • Mrs.Vader 2012/09/16 18:16:30
    No sushi is disgusting
    My daughter loves it though. *gag*
  • MoonTroll 2012/09/16 18:12:29
    Yes I like sushi
  • BReeZY!!!:D 2012/09/16 17:42:35
    Yes I like sushi
    i love sushi! i used to work at a restaurant that specialized in sushi:) sushi
  • Justagirl 2012/09/16 17:33:42
    Yes I like sushi
    LOVE! Maki-zushi and nigiri-zushi being my favorite types.
  • Jdogg 2012/09/16 17:11:44
    No sushi is disgusting
    I always thought it was nasty
  • Dagon 2012/09/16 17:04:54
  • Cloud 2012/09/16 17:02:47
    Yes I like sushi
    What kind question is this if you think I'm weird because of I'm an American guy especially when I'm an American white guy and all i fully understand but i love sushi and i love Chinese food.

    Yep i don't care who knows it one of my favorite foods is sushi and one of my other favorite foods is Chinese food sorry if you take my expressions the wrong way what i mean was of course i love sushi and before you ask me i gladly say it one more time i love all cultures and i love all of their stuff :).

    And yes I'm including their movies,food and other stuff too :).
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/09/16 17:02:14
    Yes I like sushi
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Cooked sushi is okay. I tried the tempura shrimp roll last week it was good.
  • The Colorful Vampire 2012/09/16 16:55:51
    Yes I like sushi
    The Colorful Vampire
  • Kezzi Morris 2012/09/16 16:55:36
    Yes I like sushi
    Kezzi Morris
    It's nice

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