Do you like short shorts?

Zolfie™ 2011/11/16 15:21:45
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  • Flowers 2011/11/16 15:36:19
    I don't for a few reasons:
    I do NOT enjoy seeing underage ass cheeks when I am trying to have a nice day at the mall, or the grocery store, or eating dinner. Nor do I enjoy telling my daughter to stop pointing out in her outside voice "that girl is showing her butt mommy" (that actually happened)
    I think it's very trashy, personally. The shorts get shorter and shorter, and the girls get younger and younger. When did looking like a dancer become okay? *I feel really old saying that, by the way*

    There is nothing wrong with people wearing shorts, but when it get to the point where I can actually see body parts, it's too much. That applies to the back AND the front... short shorts short shorts

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