Do You Know Why One Side Of Your Body Is Bigger Than The Other Side?

Deborah 2012/04/11 10:35:11
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No I have no clue
Yes I know that because....
None of the above
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As your blood circulates important nutrients are used up more by one side of your body to help heal or repair in any need nessecsary! Meaning the other side has to wait on the blood nutrients and oxygen to reproduce cells to repair and heal...
most people actually have their left ribs, for example, stick out more than their right ones.

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big foot small foot
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  • MRS_LAUTNER_18 2012/04/13 16:37:07
    Yes I know that because....
    i knew when i was little when my mum told me so i looked in the mirror and saw that half my body was bigger i think thats weird
  • Deborah MRS_LAU... 2012/04/15 07:05:14
    No it's actually normal.
  • Fashionable60s 2012/04/11 22:06:27
    None of the above
    The dominant side of your limbs tend to be slightly bigger than the other, unless one has a congenital defect that makes one limb much, much bigger than the other. Then, those who had had polio, the disease will wither the afflicted limbs, making them much smaller than the other.
  • Deborah Fashion... 2012/04/13 10:34:58
  • FAM of the OMC 2012/04/11 10:36:56
    Yes I know that because....
    FAM of the OMC
    We are all freaks to a certain extent.
  • Deborah FAM of ... 2012/04/11 12:08:24
    Yes I guess we are (LOL)

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