Do you know how tall Justin Biebers dad is? or if he's short

lorenab. 2010/08/03 06:38:06
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  • alexas 2011/06/06 20:56:48
    how tall is justin beiber?
  • lorenab. alexas 2011/06/12 00:07:18
    idk hes like 5 4 or something like that. but i was just wondering cause he's short for a guy
  • annamt42 2010/08/05 03:37:57
    WHO CARES? no offense, but there are much bigger problems in the world to be talking about this!
  • gloria alexandra 2010/08/04 00:59:25
    gloria alexandra
    idk lol
  • AndyWolf 2010/08/03 14:11:46
    Justin Beiber is an embarrassment to all that is Male. Get a haircut, boy.
    (let the tween hate bombardment begin!)
  • Lea 2010/08/03 06:39:48
    Is this a serious question? I mean, one thing giving a sh*t about his height.. But, his dad? Really?
  • lorenab. Lea 2010/08/03 06:40:45
    i was just wondering because he's kinda short gosh! you dont have to be so rude!
  • Lexi Long Legs (Love) 2010/08/03 06:39:14
    Lexi Long Legs (Love)
    Well you know...cause I know annnyyything abouuuuut him! Hahaha. No. Sorry I have no idea!
  • lorenab. Lexi Lo... 2010/08/03 06:41:21
    oh, thanks anyway!:D

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