Do you have/had a real Dolores Umbridge?

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I can remember this teacher from when I was on middle school , mostly everyone at school was afraid of him. He would be mad almost most of the time ( or maybe taht was just his face), but his character was totally with the face, He was scary.
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  • NINFAN13XX 2009/06/16 16:55:36
    the religion teacher in my catholic school i went for 8 yrs >.> dark times
  • ~Doll Princess~ 2009/06/16 16:52:43
    ~Doll Princess~
    Even looked like her too. She was an assistant principal, and I have a long list of grievances from that woman...:

    Called me a whore and made me wash off Egyptain style makeup.

    Gave me an AFterschool for bringing a wiccan book to school

    Gave me a Saturday for calling her pet a moron. :/
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2009/06/16 06:08:04
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    Mrs. Smith. Senior English Grammer. This psycho lost a 15 page paper that was worth 75% of my final grade and refused to let me give her a new copy. she kept insisting that she never got it. But I had to give the oral presentation about my paper, so what the hell? Then she would not give me enough extra credit to pull up my grade to passing. The department head would not change it, saying it was the teachers discression. I had to retake the class because of a half point. Over the summer, I found out that she had died because of a blood cancer that was rotting her brain. And this was why she acted like a nut job. When I brought this up to the same department head, she would not rectify it. Said it was out of her hands. Bullshit. This gets even better. Because I retook the class, with my head held high. I refused to do any new work, handing in my old essays to a new teacher the next year, and got a 96. I told off the department head that wasted my time on my last day there and have not looked back.
  • Okkey P... Brosia ... 2009/06/16 17:40:13 (edited)
    Okkey Poo Poo
    Where I Used to go to school i moved to a new one and the lost my paper saying i had passed k-8 and i still never found out what happen to my papers
  • no, and I hope to keep it that way
    ♥317♥ ~*Ϟιη hαяяy Pσттεя ι тяυsтϞ*~ΨρנατσΨ
    Really hope to keep it that way.
  • hpmajic 2009/06/14 18:52:07
    actually ive had a couple.
    my 1st one was in 2nd grade her name was mrs.craig
    the second is my talent and gifted teacher mrs.terry
    there both jerks!
  • Magerine2 2009/06/14 18:18:32
    I had two in the same grade! Nightmare!
  • ~LyDia<3J03Y~ 2009/06/14 13:30:46
    no, and I hope to keep it that way
    She is mean!
  • ;]maewilleatyourskittlesxxx 2009/06/14 09:55:04
    she always shouts and stuff, especially at me..
    coz my uniform is always unbuttoned or when i'm running and shouting in hallways..
  • CornerBlitz 2009/06/13 23:53:40
    Ms. Saunders. She taught my Health class as a freshie. What a fucking whore she was.

    Even now if I see her in the halls I look away
  • I♥MyBandBoyfriend 2009/06/13 17:20:37
    my music teacher, Mrs.Kumpula! i tell you, she is crazy! she even did the little giggle Umbridge does! music teacher kumpula crazy giggle umbridge
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/13 17:55:59
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/13 20:46:45
    yea... and instead of cats, her obcession is Spongebob. everywhere! he is always watching me...
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/13 20:56:56
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    Okay... she really is a creepy one. Mine was obsess with his soccer team "America" and the only way he would smiled in class, was after they had won a game.
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/13 21:00:04
    wow thats is oddly Umbridge-like
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/13 21:23:11
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    he was Evil
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/13 21:40:26
    at least he didnt do the devious smile like Mrs.Kumpula does
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/14 16:29:35
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    he was always sitting there,adn calling my dad to school, it was embarresing, and bad, cause I would get grounded and mostly every weekend there was a concert at church, over there.
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/14 18:56:33
    oh jeez, you the 'most mistreated student in this conversation' award! that rlly does suk.
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/14 18:58:32
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    my grandpa was ll "Again" he would call my dad and tell him and my uncle would go talk to the teacher and take me for some ice cream, he had the same teacher, when he was in that school.
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/14 19:07:03
    lucky. im jealous now =(
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/14 19:08:27
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    he is like 9 years older than me, a really cool dude.
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/14 19:11:33
    ur uncle? thats cool. all my cousins are almost twice my age. 3 are married, 1 with a child, one pregnant, and my other cuz(in) isnt married but has a daughter
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/14 19:15:01
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    I have one who is married,but has a happy eye.
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/14 19:23:36
    oh ummm...... okay......
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/14 19:42:50
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    no is actually funny, he is really old, and is married, but has no kids with his wife, and a son the age of my uncle. But my uncle is left 3 times ( for some years) and come back and his wife is always taking him back in. They call him "the old lady's ride" because he likes them older.
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/14 19:53:37
    lol wow
  • Astoria... I♥MyBan... 2009/06/14 20:09:50
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    he is not my fave, but he is something.
  • I♥MyBan... Astoria... 2009/06/14 21:15:51
    lol okay then
  • Harry_Potter_LuvrΩDaughter ... 2009/06/13 15:14:40
    Harry_Potter_LuvrΩDaughter of ApolloΩ
    ya. her name was Ms. Price... *shudder*. She was so mean and she never let you do anything and, man she was weird. she was my math teacher and she was so rude, and i swear i only saw her smile once in 10 months. it sucked. price shudder weird math teacher rude swear smile 10 sucked
  • Astoria... Harry_P... 2009/06/13 17:56:28
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    was she punishing someone?
  • Harry_P... Astoria... 2009/06/13 17:58:10
    Harry_Potter_LuvrΩDaughter of ApolloΩ
    as a matter of fact, yes she was giving some kid named Jose crap! it was awful!
  • Astoria... Harry_P... 2009/06/13 17:58:44
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    auch, those teachers should be at Military school.
  • Harry_P... Astoria... 2009/06/13 18:01:15
    Harry_Potter_LuvrΩDaughter of ApolloΩ
    no kidding! they should be teachers there and they still would give the kids there an extremely hard time.
  • its meeee 2009/06/13 06:55:18
    its meeee
    My math teacher Mr. Pace! He acts exactly like her all innocent then BAM! Bitch-o-paluza! I honestly think he is bipolar 0.o
  • sglmom 2009/06/13 05:08:56
    Yes .. had teachers that were that incompetent for sure.
  • _Rebekah's Shadow_ 2009/06/13 00:41:00
    _Rebekah's Shadow_
    Mrs. Pugh... She was my english teacher in 8th grade. she was horrible!!!!
    I have ALWAYS been good in english and her class is the only year I didn't get an A even though certain people who's papers and assignments weren't as good got better grades.
    She graded me and my friends (who were the smartest in her class) harsher than anyone else because she didn't like the way we dressed.
  • Ayamekiba 2009/06/12 22:21:52
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2009/06/12 22:05:49
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    omg, our home ec. teacher looked EXACTLY like the drawn photos of Umbridge in the books, it was scary. We'd call her Umbridge behind her back and one of the students even sent her photo to the casting studio for Harry Potter lol
  • Astoria... Raindro... 2009/06/12 22:10:38

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