Do you get results from a mammogram the same day?

Limeh 2011/04/08 20:09:35
Ma mum might have breast cancer :'(
She's gotta go for a mammogram on Tuesday.. i don't want to have to wait any longer will they tell her there and then if the lump is cancerous?
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  • Tabberz16mde 2011/04/10 00:45:11
    I dont think so but if there were something wrong they would call u and let u know. i hope she is ok!
  • Limeh Tabberz... 2011/04/10 11:58:57
    me too :/ thanks
  • merpelyn 2011/04/08 22:12:29
    im not sure but i will be praying for you !
  • Limeh merpelyn 2011/04/10 11:58:50
    Thanks you :)
  • WTLC1970 2011/04/08 20:59:24
    I don't know Girl but We'll be praying for Her and all of You please let us know how things turn out ok
  • Limeh WTLC1970 2011/04/10 11:58:41
    I will do. thank you
  • WTLC1970 Limeh 2011/04/10 15:41:16
    Your Welcome Girl
  • Melissa 2011/04/08 20:14:04
    Lets be positive and pray. She will be fine. You'll see! sometimes they call just to let patient know everything its fine not necessarily for bad news
  • Limeh Melissa 2011/04/08 20:20:57
    Ah okay then. thank you. i hope it is fine.. :| quite scared.
  • Melissa 2011/04/08 20:12:06
    no you dont. if something came out wrong they will call you immediately as soon as they get results. if there is nothing you should be worried about they dont call you at all and you get results on the mail. thats how my mom always gets results..

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