Do you get mad when people forget your birthday?

Britty-Boo 2007/12/19 17:38:11
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  • Fluffy 2007/12/19 20:41:40
    Nobody forgets my birthday! I always make sure everyone knows it at least a week before 'the big day' x'D (I'm giving them time to buy me gifts, d-oh!)

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  • crashley 2012/11/13 20:48:42
    My husband also forgets my birthday EVERY year. Along with every other holiday. My birthday is in a week and a half. I plan to let it pass then wait a few weeks to remind him that he forgot. Lol. Maybe he will feel as stupid as I do.
  • Linda98550 2012/01/31 21:28:07
    feeling not loved at all, been married 25 years and husband forgets my birthday and when christmas is here he don't by me nothing, it hurts makes me feel not loved and used
  • jessica 2011/04/02 03:07:09
    I go out of way for my family and friends to make sure I remembered their birthday. Birthdays only are one day a year, but it hurts when they can remember a friends birthday but not yours. I sometimes generaly will ask later on why but I get the same answer"Oh I was so busy!" B.S.
  • chelsea jessica 2011/07/01 20:11:37 (edited)
    You know Jessica, I have to agree with you.
    And I also remember peoples birthday and my friends, and sometimes I feel so disrespected. When they can't even remember mine.
  • dadadadad 2009/05/06 01:26:47
    cause im getting nothing on my birthday
  • chris 2008/11/13 14:06:46
    My logic is that it happens the same day every year and it should not be missed. I think it shows a lack of interest in the person and selfishness. I always remember my family's birthdays. I do draw the line with adults that are not in my day to day life.
  • dsfdfsadgs gds 2008/11/12 02:55:09
    dsfdfsadgs gds
    mad -- no. but perhaps a little hurt. remembering a good friend's birthday lets them know that you value them and care for them. forgetting says the opposite.
  • Nichole 2008/08/14 02:03:52
    My hubby forgot mine for the 2nd in a row. This isthe first since we have been married.... I even had the nerve toask him what he was getting me before hand, and nothing!
  • gmama 2008/07/12 20:00:05
    For the 14th time in a row my husband has totally blown off my b-day. No happy b-day, no card, no flowers. The first thing I'll hear today is "What are you cooking for supper?" I'm filing for a divorce on Monday.
  • Katana ... gmama 2008/12/14 18:16:47
    Katana Avion
    I am sorry that you are having a serious enough problem in your marriage to file for divorce. I certainly hope that it isn't just over him forgetting your birthday every year. Does he also forget other important dates? Your anniversary, Valentines Day, kids birthdays? Perhaps he is just extremely forgetful? Either way, I hope you will consider counseling either before or immediately after you file for divorce. Good luck and I hope you find your happiness :)
  • ihatepe... gmama 2009/11/04 20:10:32
    Do you remember his birthday - buy him a gift, get a cake, etc? If you do then just stop doing it and you'll be even. Don't even tell him happy birthday. Fair is fair.
  • Squeeks 2008/03/07 20:13:29
    I'm told old for that. No sense in getting my panties in an uproar.
  • Shane - oldschoolelf 2008/01/19 22:11:08
    Shane - oldschoolelf
    It is great they remember, but in the end it's just another day.
  • Naitsirhc 2008/01/18 16:38:38
    I forget my birthday too!
  • Grogan is a gun 2008/01/18 11:41:45
    Grogan is a gun
    Rarely happens haha
    May 23 guys rememba that
  • <--That guy 2008/01/17 21:50:00
    <--That guy
    Most people don't know when it is because I don't tell them.
  • mom2hnh~CSI Beaver~GUNNS 2008/01/12 17:45:53
    mom2hnh~CSI Beaver~GUNNS
    I try to do my best to remember others and get pissed when they don't remember mine!
  • Sofia 2007/12/29 22:41:05
  • Sincerely Audley 2007/12/29 18:03:44
    Sincerely Audley
    i dont know why but i just dont enjoy birthdays...

    i always seem to have bad ones...
    i like being another year older, i just dont like doing the whole birthday thing
  • Annepeer 2007/12/26 10:32:35
    When it's your friend who you've been working with closely and shared intimid stuff with. She only remembered my birthday, two days after, because of her ex-boyfriend, his birthday is two days after mine.
  • LaChica 2007/12/26 05:09:33
    I use to but I am sort of numb to it now. I want to forget them the older I get.
  • S.Sif:* 2007/12/23 23:37:27
    It would depend on the person but no one has ever forgotten my birthday so it's OK... for now ;)

    But I would forgive the person eventually...
  • K.K. 2007/12/21 16:31:51
    it's only happened once, but it wasn't isn't in my family, and it didn't make me made, I thought it was kinda cool.
  • vaynemud13 2007/12/21 04:02:09
    I Really don't need to worry all of my good friends always remember
  • NicNicz 2007/12/20 20:26:05
    Really undecided because when it's my own parents yes i get totaly pissed off. but other people besides my boyfriend, I could care less. But one time my parents thought that my birthday was my brother's cause our birthdays are so close together and they never said sorry and still celebrated my brother's birthday again. =[ it was so depressing.
  • Carol 2007/12/20 18:57:23
    only if im close with them
  • ダニア・ウェイ 2007/12/20 17:50:25
    i do not like celebrate it tbh.
  • Candy 2007/12/20 17:09:51
    I appreciate it when they forget. I hate getting old.
  • 20218 2007/12/20 15:40:33
    Nope - in fact I encourage it lol. About two months prior to my birthday I simply stop talking about it altogether until at least two months past it. I'd prefer it be a forgotten issue, I hate when people feel obligated to do something for me on that occasion. I do the things I do for others because that's just who I am and what I believe in, I don't do it searching for some reward or for them to "return the favor" on special occasions like my birthday or holidays. Believe me, there are people who would pay GOOD money to find out that date lol.
  • ~DrunkOnShadowz~ 2007/12/20 14:56:47
    Actually I like it cause i am just getting older ,but still a kid at heart......hehe <3
  • Sister ... ~DrunkO... 2007/12/20 18:44:46
    Sister Jean
    me too after 50 they should start counting backwards!!!!
  • ~DrunkO... Sister ... 2007/12/20 19:18:13
    Hon I wish they would....wouldn't that be a great??? Just the thought . HeHe <3
  • Black Rose 2007/12/20 14:55:44
    Black Rose
    I try VERY hard to remember other people's birthdays, that's why i get upset if i'm forgotten.
  • Foo Master Angie 2007/12/20 14:08:20
    Foo Master Angie
    Because I don't let it happen. I love my birthday, and all I do is talk about it when it gets close, so it's not possible for anyone to forget!
  • MATTGUNNS Foo Mas... 2007/12/20 21:34:56
  • Foo Mas... MATTGUNNS 2007/12/20 21:40:21
  • ang 2007/12/20 14:06:56
    seeing that i'm only good with a few of them, nope. I don't mind at all. but I am shocked sometimes at the ones that remember.
  • Deanna 2007/12/20 13:38:16
    My husband forgot once. That didn't happen again. He felt worse than I did.
  • Rach666 2007/12/20 09:41:58
    I will let you know Jan 17 guys, I'm expecting lots of sodahead best wishes !! lol
  • 168290 2007/12/20 08:07:49

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