Do you fold or wad your toilet paper up?

Posha King 2012/05/31 19:57:49
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QUESTION: When you wipe, do you pull a bunch of toilet paper off the
roll and wad it all up and use it that way, or do you pull it straight
off the roll and fold it carefully and use it that way?

For a project for my daughter's high school class, they had to do a poll and show demographics. We did it by email because at the time we didn't know about SodaHead. Now, however, I'd like to pose the question to you guys. Originally we were simply looking for a male vs female result. The final results were not what we expected and I'm interested to find out what a wider sampling will come up with, especially with this diverse of a demographics sampling. Thanks for your input!

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2016/02/13 23:48:58

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