Born in '82. Totally obsessed as a youngster with Macgyver.

My 2 mian concerns after at age 6 my parents gave me thei old B&W; 30" TV was to either drown out my Atari 2600 or Macgyver.

I sometimes think I understand what it means to be religious.

Macgyver rocked my world and gave me the tools to be an intolerable teen fixated with pyromania and anarchy (well maybe I took it too far).

My most recent Macgyver moment was when drunk (fellow stoners, I don't smoke anymore though my CBT techmiques still get me a "virtual high").

I was near paralytic sitting on my floor in the short space between my bed and the cupboard and I wanter a way to get the hidden half bottle of bourbon out from under the middle of a queen sized base without a fishing expedition.

After much deliberation securing the tools of the trade within arms length I grabbed a 1M metal ruler, the necklace loop from 3 USB dongles, the spring from an old external PSX mod card, an empty lid from a 50 hat DVD-R hat and a micro fathead screwdriver.