Do you eat meat?

Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack 2012/03/07 16:58:30
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  • jeremyperryfranz 2012/08/20 18:50:46
    Hell yeah
    I only eat endangered species meat eat endangered species meat
  • MJ 2012/08/20 18:47:39
    Hell no
    Very little
  • Kezzi Morris 2012/08/20 18:46:57
    Hell no
    Kezzi Morris
  • beach bum 2012/06/12 10:05:09
    Hell yeah
    beach bum
  • Rocker6240 2012/03/15 08:05:26
    Hell yeah
    I'm a member of P.E.T.A.....People Eating Tasty Animals...lol....it's just a joke ...dont comment getting all offended over nothing....:)
  • mike.r.john2 2012/03/12 12:38:46
    Hell yeah
    give me a nice bloody steak any day....ummm...drool...wipe
  • KATniss 2012/03/10 13:59:23
    Hell yeah
  • CraigPLewis 2012/03/09 10:32:16
    Hell yeah
    I eat everything.
  • arief Cerberus Lucifer 2012/03/08 03:53:01
    Hell yeah
    arief Cerberus Lucifer
  • snooki 2012/03/07 21:06:23
    Hell yeah
    i LOVE MEAT :)
  • Prettyawesome 2012/03/07 18:22:23
    Hell yeah
    Yep, I'm not vegetarian.
  • ShinyUmbreon01 2012/03/07 17:59:13
    Hell no
    Do you eat vegetables?
  • Kezzi R... ShinyUm... 2012/03/07 18:12:50
  • ShinyUm... Kezzi R... 2012/03/07 18:14:57
  • Kyle 2012/03/07 17:45:25
    Hell yeah
    not a whole lot though
  • MalloryNicole 2012/03/07 17:44:14
    Hell yeah
    Why wouldn't I?
  • Pocahontas Mallory... 2012/03/08 12:32:40
    Because you eat someone that lived a short miserable life full of suffering and pain and then was murdered in a totally not "humane" way. By consuming the animal you let all that negative energy in your body.
  • Mallory... Pocahontas 2012/03/08 16:34:24
    God intened for us to eat animals. Why do you think he put them here?
  • Pocahontas Mallory... 2012/03/08 16:42:08
    Oh, come on...
    Remember Cain? And Abel?
    Abel gave God fruit and vegetables, Cain gave Him meat. And God approved of Abel's gift and He didn't approve of Cain's.
    Clear enough?
  • Mallory... Pocahontas 2012/03/08 17:06:32
    1 Corinthians 10:25-26
    Eat whatever is sold in the meat market, asking no questions for conscience' sake; for "the earth is Yahweh's, and all its fullness."

    After the flood, everything was meat for humanity. There was a differentiation between clean and unclean foods to determine what type of animal could be sacrificed, pointing to the Sacrificial Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world.

    Clear enough? :) What you were talking about is BEFORE SIN.
  • Pocahontas Mallory... 2012/03/08 17:19:47
    and Sin was what Cain did by killing Abel...
    Okay, whatever. Even if I did believe in the Bible and blah-blah, I wouldn't belive God wanted me to do something that disgust me.
  • Mallory... Pocahontas 2012/03/08 17:20:29
    That's your problem. You don't believe in God. That is so sad. :(
  • Pocahontas Mallory... 2012/03/08 17:33:41
    I do believe in God, I just don't believe the Bible is God's word, I don't believe that Jesus was God's son and I don't believe God had any half-human chidren at all. For me all religions only limit faith and separate people. Like me and you, now. We could be friends but you believe one thing and I believe something else and you pity me for not believing in your thing and that's not the way a friendship should begin.
    Now That's sad, don't you think?
  • David 2012/03/07 17:39:34
    Hell yeah
    Yes I do. I would eat you if I were hungry enough :)
  • DA BE@N 2012/03/07 17:05:49
    Hell yeah
    DA BE@N
    im a carnivore >:D
  • Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack 2012/03/07 16:58:55
    Hell no
    Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack
    Don't like meat

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