Do you believe in ghosts?

Jacquico81 2010/10/17 00:21:53
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  • cookiesalvatore 2010/10/18 18:17:47
    i think that they might exist but hey who knows
  • 아만다 ♥ AMANDA 2010/10/18 06:47:31
    아만다 ♥ AMANDA
    I believe in energies.
    I believe in spirits.
    But ghosts like the ones portrayed in movies and stories... No.

    However, one day, I think it would be fun to start studying the paranormal/supernatural. I am interested in that stuff... I have been since I was a kid but never really done anything with it.
  • Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy) 2010/10/17 17:06:09
    Yes, I've seen one!
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
  • Melissa 2010/10/17 06:47:26
    Nope, they don't exist!
    Ghosts of humans don't exist. When we die our souls either go to Heaven or Hell. Demons will sometimes try to influence us by taking on forms and thoughts. They can even manipulate objects. That is why you should read the darn bible. ♥
  • Jacquico81 Melissa 2010/10/17 18:50:53
    i wasnt expressing my opinion with that question - I really just wanted to know what other ppl thought! :)
  • Grape :) 2010/10/17 04:46:17
    Yes, I've never seen one but I have faith in their existance.
    Grape :)
  • Dr. Schitslinger 2010/10/17 04:27:46
    Yes, I've never seen one but I have faith in their existance.
    Dr. Schitslinger
    as children most of us are told they are not real and it turns out they are!
  • ** BAMA CHICK ** 2010/10/17 02:21:15
    Yes, I've never seen one but I have faith in their existance.
    ** BAMA CHICK **
    yes i do
  • \m/Slipknot #1 fan_ stays (... 2010/10/17 01:46:40
    Yes, I've seen one!
    \m/Slipknot #1 fan_ stays (SIC)\m/
    I prefer to call them spirits rather than ghosts.
    I've seen spirits 3 times already. Th last time I saw spirit was about 2 weeks ago when I was at my cousin's house. Nd I have cousins who could actually talk to them.
  • Constella 2010/10/17 01:41:02
  • artso 2010/10/17 01:16:15
    Nope, they don't exist!
    No, and I've spent alot of time in grave yards . I've also been in a crypt a few times, No ghost! Maybe they like more action?
  • Walt artso 2010/10/23 03:45:44
    Live people rarely spend much of their time in graveyards. Why would you expect to see spirits in a graveyard or a crypt?
  • Country Girl 2010/10/17 01:05:17
    Yes, I've seen one!
    Country Girl
    Yep I have had my experiences with them
  • Grissom 2010/10/17 01:04:19
  • ~Diva.Satanica~ 2010/10/17 00:34:07
    Yes, I've seen one!
    i once captured one on camera

    captured camera
  • Jacquico81 ~Diva.S... 2010/10/17 18:53:02 (edited)
    really?? can I see the pic?!? or is that the pic above coz i really dont know what i'm looking at!
  • ~Diva.S... Jacquico81 2010/10/17 19:30:53
  • SG525 2010/10/17 00:30:44
    Yes, I've never seen one but I have faith in their existance.
    there is no way to prove that they exist BUT there is no way to prove that they don't either
  • Yuliya 2010/10/17 00:23:05
    Nope, they don't exist!
    I have never seen anything that was definitive proof

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