Do you believe if you don't expect anything from anyone, you won't be disappointed or you won't get hurt?

BlondieBrownEyes 2011/02/15 14:57:40

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  • Laja 2011/02/15 15:03:40
    If you don't expect anything, you won't be disappointed when you get nothing. If you do get anything, you can be surprised and pleased.

    No matter what your expectations, you can still get hurt.

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  • John Aleba 2014/04/15 16:30:37
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/02/19 21:53:41
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Yes. i have trained myself not to expect much from anyone!
  • Blondie... Just ME... 2011/02/19 22:43:47
  • Just ME... Blondie... 2011/02/20 16:58:11
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Sad it has to be that way!
  • Blondie... Just ME... 2011/02/20 16:59:53
  • Just ME... Blondie... 2011/02/20 17:18:23
    Just MEH....Piwan
    TOO MANY TIMES!!!!!!
  • Blondie... Just ME... 2011/02/20 19:04:38
  • Laurenn 2011/02/16 22:57:37
    These things are life lessons. These things makes you stronger
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2011/02/16 20:58:24
  • patti 2011/02/16 20:32:00
    Being hurt from time to time is another one of life's lessons. Expect it, accept it, get over it, and someday you may understand it!
  • ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pl... 2011/02/16 11:17:44
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    Haha I don't believe that not one bit.
  • BN-0 2011/02/16 09:59:53
    I do. I don't like getting my hopes up in anything only to be disappointed.
  • Blondie... BN-0 2011/02/19 22:44:32
  • Shawna 2011/02/16 09:42:18
    I agree with Laja....".If you don't expect anything, you won't be disappointed when you get nothing. If you do get anything, you can be surprised and pleased.

    No matter what your expectations, you can still get hurt."
  • Blondie... Shawna 2011/02/17 00:45:19
  • Edible_toad 2011/02/16 08:54:59
    With disappointment I agree.
    Hurt, well you can always get hurt.

    Generally though I tend not to expect anything from people for that reason.
  • Blondie... Edible_... 2011/02/17 00:45:35
  • Deborah 2011/02/16 07:23:54
    If you live it is impossible to avoid pain. Something will hurt you, be it Unrequited love, someone's death, the breakup of a relationship. Feelings have a way of slipping up on you without you being aware of it.
  • Blondie... Deborah 2011/02/17 00:46:14
  • Deborah Blondie... 2011/02/17 00:49:12
    can you really live like that, thats why I said feelings have a way of slipping up on you.
  • Blondie... Deborah 2011/02/17 00:50:35
  • Deborah Blondie... 2011/02/17 00:56:08
    yes I understand but we are human, and we get involved emotionally weather we want to or not. Indeed man will fail you everytime. But rather than not expecting anything from them how about began to expect that they will hurt you and you have a back up plan. It's a lonely life, not trusting or having faith in someone. And you may be picking the wrong people to be around. But I realize that for every painful thing I have expereinced in life it made me stronger.
  • Blondie... Deborah 2011/02/17 00:59:44 (edited)
  • Diomedes 2011/02/16 05:38:22
    I absolutely believe that.
  • Blondie... Diomedes 2011/02/17 00:46:30
  • Lynn 2011/02/16 05:18:00
  • Blondie... Lynn 2011/02/17 00:46:40
  • sglmom 2011/02/16 05:03:32
    Not really .. because even when you do not have any expectations at all .. you can still experience some form of 'hurt' (emotional, mental, etc) ... from just meeting/greeting another.
  • Chatty 2011/02/16 04:33:14
    No. We all have things that we want & need from other people ~ even if we don't want to admit it.
  • Blondie... Chatty 2011/02/17 00:47:22
  • Donna 2011/02/16 04:18:32
    Expect less & you will never be disappointed,
  • Blondie... Donna 2011/02/17 00:47:33
  • leth 2011/02/16 02:43:15
    if i dont expect anything or wat..you will disappointed..
  • Blondie... leth 2011/02/16 03:07:10
  • Jim in SC 2011/02/16 02:06:37
    Jim in SC
    Not having expectations of people won't protect you from harm or disappointment. Plus, it is impractical to live life completely without expectations.

    We should endeavor to make sure we are not placing unrealistic expectations on people, or on ourselves.
  • Blondie... Jim in SC 2011/02/16 03:07:42
  • Jim in SC Blondie... 2011/02/16 04:05:46
    Jim in SC
    OK. I think I initially took it from a pessimistic point of view, but I think I understand you now. Thanks.
  • Hamm0ckjames 2011/02/16 01:56:19
    Years ago in the ARMY a Warrant Officer of mine taught me that with each and every person we meet in life offers us a opportunity. To learn something from them or for them to learn something from us. If we fail to do so then we are both at a loss. To life a rich life is to share it with others.
  • Blondie... Hamm0ck... 2011/02/16 03:08:09
  • FencerCat 2011/02/16 01:33:16
    I believe if you don't expect anything from anyone, you're not likely to get anything from anyone. lol So, you will never be disappointed, I guess.

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