Do you believe "A Drunk man says what a sober man feels"?

Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2009/10/04 11:47:13
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  • Sheicor 2012/05/01 22:49:05
    Not necessarily. A lot of times it's frustration talking, or anger, and then they will say anything just to hurt you. If they have a drinking problem they become really good at finding your buttons and pushing them really hard when they are drunk...speaking from experience unfortunately.
  • TsubasaYumi 2011/10/15 12:54:07
    How I think about it alcohol just amplifies a persons feelings, like when u like somebody, but not enough to do something when you're sober, when you drink you like him enough to do something, cause alcohol amplified the ''like'' feeling. Or the opposite, when you dislike somebody and you drink it becomes ''I cant stand this person'' and so you get into a fight...... well that's how I see it.
  • Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2009/10/09 19:40:53
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    Well, I hope some have and I hope some haven't. I have heard things from a drunk man that shared his feelings and emotions with me....but I have also had my share of drunk men that just want to grab a body part and get lucky. Oh boy... as I wrote that, I realized that a sober man may want to do the grabbing and will IF he is drunk....SOBERING thought,....lol
  • Blistful 2009/10/06 19:18:22
    Yes I do. When you are drunk you say all the things that you normally wouldn't say if you were sober. Because alot of the times you are lying to yourself and others...
  • strawberry 2009/10/06 04:57:44
    Yes, when drunk you lose inhibitions. When sober you feel what you want to say, drunk lose inhibitions sober feel drunk lose inhibitions sober feel usually won't. When people say don't listen to him he's just drunk, most likely he is saying the truth, especially if it's about you.
  • Val 2009/10/05 21:41:49
    Yes. Except loudly and frequently incoherently.
  • BK 2009/10/05 13:18:36
    Also, the drunk man says things no one understands.
  • Treasur... BK 2009/10/05 15:52:27
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    LOL VERY true, Brian!! I love it!!
  • jitko 2009/10/05 10:03:39
    I believe a very inhibited person may well, when drunk, express what stays tightly bottled up when he/she is sober.
  • madjack 2009/10/05 02:33:04
    I don't know.Sometimes there's truth in the et vino veritas saying.However as a bartender I heard do many jerks and jerkettes say 'I Love You " etc.I have my doubts.
  • Treasur... madjack 2009/10/05 15:53:24
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    Oh my!! So you got to play the part of Psychologist/Bartender.....where people tell you all of their problems?? I am sure you did hear plenty of the I love you stuff.....LOL
  • madjack Treasur... 2009/10/05 17:30:55
    I sure heard alot Treasure.The 'I love you' is pretty common.Right up there with 'I can change him'. I saw both sides take their hits.The things people talked about when they had a few.
  • Treasur... madjack 2009/10/05 17:50:28
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I bet... I recall a few conversations that I had myself while....having a few drinks..lol
  • madjack Treasur... 2009/10/05 18:00:55
    Probably not too bad though.I've heard some real doozies ! The men come up with all kinds of stuff.The women? Well they usually talk about one thing in various ways.
  • Alleyoop 2009/10/05 00:08:07
  • hook 2009/10/04 23:43:49
    some times!!
  • FencerCat 2009/10/04 23:23:28
    Only if the sober man is really feeling sorry for himself, in my experience.
  • IndyLinda 2009/10/04 23:17:25
    Not always, but sometimes!
  • Pele Emerging 2009/10/04 22:37:15
    Pele Emerging
    Not necessarily, but there is some truth to it. Alcohol may release the inhibition imposed by manners and good taste and allow a person to express what they might not express otherwise.
  • artist1963-Progressive Patr... 2009/10/04 22:22:13
    artist1963-Progressive Patriot for Change
    To an extent but speaking from experience, rational conversation is impossible with someone who is inebriated.
  • Worried about our Country 2009/10/04 21:20:34
    Worried about our Country
    I believe a drunk man says what he wouldn't say sober!
  • BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust" 2009/10/04 21:19:45
    BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust"
    Oh, yes. The problem is, some of these drunks are jerks when they're sober, so getting drunk just makes them jerkier. :-)
  • alonnastorm 2009/10/04 18:49:21
    sure! there is a lot of truth in that saying...
  • Milk Maid 2009/10/04 17:43:40
    Milk Maid
    I believe a drunk man over a sober man any day~!!!
  • Riddler 2009/10/04 17:24:18
    Yes - I do. This is one of the reasons I do not like to get drunk
  • RamblingVoices. 2009/10/04 16:54:46
    yes the truth comes out when your drunk, seems to be the really nasty truths though the ones no one ever wants to hear
  • BADGIRL 2009/10/04 16:38:42
    yes. my father always said a drunken head speaks a sober mind
  • hatshepsut123 2009/10/04 16:14:26
    maybe, but not all of them. anywyas, i would not make a seriouis conversation with a drunk man.
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2009/10/04 14:41:10
  • cuz 2009/10/04 14:28:23
    Too many times a drunk man will say what a sober man has the discretion not to say.
  • Gun665 2009/10/04 14:26:31
  • tazimad 2009/10/04 14:25:17
    Yeah I think men and woman do that. They might have had sense enough not to say it when they were sober.
  • 1001084 2009/10/04 14:24:53
    Yes and No ....that's an old saying that a lot of people used to believe...
  • Eddie Rae 2009/10/04 13:53:36
    Eddie Rae
    Depends on how drunk he is.
  • -sasman- 2009/10/04 12:33:09
    "In vino veritas"

    In wine - there is truth. The man who made the proverb must have been pretty well soaked when he made it.
  • Fumika 2009/10/04 12:04:11
    Lolz, I'm sure some do
  • Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm... 2009/10/04 11:54:23
    Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm♥☮♥∞
    Yes, sometimes.... I believe they say what they really think when they are alittle bit buzzy!!
    Peace and Love..
  • Suicide (lildevilx) 2009/10/04 11:48:37

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