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Do women really care about penis size? The answer is yes..........

. 2007/09/18 15:14:55
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this was in my email......what do you think?
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  • bobdc2009 2011/07/29 11:50:38
    sure they care, but not as much as men worry about.
    it's just a factor, but not close to being the most important (says the guy - me - with the small penis!)
  • Gommy jnr 2010/06/23 02:16:32
    Gommy jnr
    some are scared of them =(
  • toofatjohndog 2009/04/26 21:33:12
    If you love and want the person that you are with, then no, size absolutly does not matter. If a man knows how to talk to his lady and how to treat them, that is half of the "battle"
    Speaking for myself, just knowing that the one that I love wants me, drives me crazy. So, no the size does not matter.
  • xxx 2009/04/20 01:52:46
    It all depends what it is attached to....
  • Random 2008/11/13 10:05:19
    Too small is bad, but too big is worse. Too small means you aren't getting enough pleasure for your liking, but too big can be painful.
  • McCain for president 2008/11/06 03:14:32
    McCain for president
    I like penis
  • bloy 2008/10/07 01:47:30
    Yes, but its complicated. Mine is seven on a good day and I've heard a multitude of descriptions. My current girlfriend has to take a midol after we have sex half the time because of pain. I had an ex girlfriend who said it was "Normal sized" which we all know is girlinese for "small." Vaginas are different shapes and sizes too.
  • TornAsunder 2008/09/02 07:21:37
    I know for a fact that size does matter to women. I am what I thought was "normal" at just under 6 inches, but I found out from a female friend that my ex was telling everyone I was very small compared to her other boyfriends. We always got along great and I thought the sex was great, but I guess she felt otherwise. I'm sure that's why she broke off our relationship as well. I'm sure the "motion of the ocean" doesn't really matter much either if your in my situation.
  • austin 2008/08/14 04:41:02
    well i have a six inch penis
    do you thinkits too small?
    i know how to use it
  • xxx austin 2009/04/20 01:56:40
    no way! 6 is good...and really it doesn't matter as long as you can "take me there"
  • Gwynodd 2008/07/31 22:44:33
    If men judge women by their breast size - women should have the opportunity to judge a man by his penis size. THIS IS BEFORE THEY GO OUT ON A DATE.
  • hotguy Gwynodd 2009/09/17 11:06:29
    well, i cant agree with u. u cant compare boobs with penis. boobs should be compared with male PEC/CHest. some men have big, broad muscular pec, some women have big boobs. some women have big hole down there, and some men have big cock. if a woman has big hole, she might want big penis. So, its not because her big boobs, its because her big hole, she wants big dick. IMAO, big boobs for big PEC...big hole for big dick..
  • bobdc2009 Gwynodd 2011/07/29 11:49:31
    fair is fair!!
    oh, god, men would hate that if our size was known pre-date LOL!!!

    i'm average sized 6 inches (barely :), so I don't think i win win or lose any dates based on this info, but it would still be embarrassing!

    i have new sypmathy for women and how men judge them by their boob size!
  • Emily 2008/07/21 00:51:13
    hell ya bigger is better
  • cutesmartgirl 2008/07/20 20:28:15
    i like them big my mans got a 8 inch honker
  • jimmy 2008/07/05 22:31:55
    penis = bigger the better. 6 inch is too small
  • leanne 2008/07/05 22:26:56
    ok ... those of u who said yes your sick f**ks .. it aint better plus how would you like it if men said you have small boobs and shit you bloody wouldnt ok .. so cut the guys slack and get off there backs about size cuz it dont matter at all ...it shows how woman care about men you would want to say somthing like that your idiots it actually bother's them alot and you dont give a f**king shit ... !!!!!!:@
  • Small Fry 2008/03/24 03:08:29
    Small Fry
    I consider my self a small fry & always appologise to girls for being so. Ive been told that Im very good in bed & never fail to satisfy. All my X's are still very good friends, most of them know each other & I've never heard a bad word against me, apart from when i slag my self off, but the girls tell me not to worry, cos everything is fine. (i am about 5 inches long & 2 inches girth when erect)
  • Lexy Small Fry 2009/06/19 23:33:00
    dont even trip if the women your with loves you size shouldnt matter
  • misthy 2008/02/08 03:12:36
    bigger is better but it doesnt have to.... i dont care anyway
  • csherm 2008/02/08 03:09:31
    I dont think they care as long as the job gets done right!
  • TBone 2007/12/14 02:46:46
    I don't really know why I'm voting in this poll... I don't think I'm exactly the target audience. lol... But, I felt it necessary to add my opinion. I think that penis size is like anything else in a relationship. Whatever works for both, works for both. Obviously, by the answers below, it matters to some women and it doesn't matter to others. I think that men should stop obsessing about their penises and start putting all that attention into how they treat their women and very soon any issues they have with their manhood would fly out the window. The person they love would feel more loved than they ever thought possible. :)
  • akgold 2007/12/07 20:54:07
    Who cares what women think? She looked and said "who are you going to satisfy with that?", I replied "ME"!
  • sazz 2007/11/14 21:36:17
    it depends on whether the guy knows how 2 use it.
  • rushsupporter 2007/11/01 03:35:15
    where's my Viagra!
  • ThatGirl 2007/11/01 02:47:08
    I'm sorry, I just can't deal with a tiny Johnson... :o(
  • xxx ThatGirl 2009/04/20 01:53:37
    Yes...but a big dick is usually attached to just that....A BIG DICK
  • bobdc2009 ThatGirl 2011/07/29 11:51:54
    a nice honest answer!
    now for a harder (for me) question! how small is "tiny"?
    is average ok, or is that really a nice way to say "small"?
  • Frank J 2007/11/01 01:47:59
    Frank  J
    I dont no what women think but it know bigger is better
  • Foo Master Angie 2007/10/29 19:20:22
    Foo Master Angie
    I always said it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean...BUT...who goes out on the ocean in a little rowboat?
    I did, however date a guy who was not "blessed," and to be perfectly honest....the sex was GREAT! Can't help but thinking how much better it could have been if he was bigger, though....
  • IrishMarcia 2007/10/28 06:47:49
    it's quality not quanity.
  • pitbullmomma raccoonsista! 2007/10/20 23:59:07
    pitbullmomma raccoonsista!
    Sorry guys, size DOES matter. I don't care how much motion is in the ocean, I want a cruise ship not a rowboat.
  • David P pitbull... 2009/05/14 13:24:40
    David P
    don't you mean a canoe???/ there more narrow.
  • Sara 2007/09/27 00:59:03
    yeah it does matter, bigger is just better sorry guys...
  • Rileymo 2007/09/25 01:24:54
    It's not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean
  • Shay 2007/09/25 00:41:37
    Well my wife is happy with my size i hit the g-spot all the time. After good lovin she sleeps like a baby. =P
  • . Shay 2007/09/25 01:04:10
    wohooo~~~ :)|
  • Oceanus Procellarum 2007/09/21 19:18:34
    Oceanus Procellarum
    I think there are definately women out there that are "size queens" and it does matter to them but not all people feel that way. If a guy is confident in his skills and is comfortable with his body things will work out fine.
  • princess 2007/09/21 06:52:17
    Hell yes it matters!!!!!! Those girls that are telling you that size doesn't matter are just trying not to hurt your feelings!!!
  • pitbull... princess 2007/10/20 23:59:59
    pitbullmomma raccoonsista!

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