Do u think the word retarded is offensive to people?

mercades 2010/12/17 16:48:29
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  • windwolf14 2010/12/18 05:56:43
    it bugs me when others use it
  • Crazy Feet 2010/12/17 19:16:16
    Crazy Feet
    i don't find it offensive, it just means delayed said to explain the persons needs to others so that the delayed person can gain some understanding from others around them just like the words special needs, slow, handicapped. We have to have some way to describe what the issue is with a particular person. I don't see why that one should be singled out.I would say its all in the manner in which it was spoken though too.
  • agentoftheempire 2010/12/17 18:01:59
    only to retarded people and their parents.
  • mercades agentof... 2010/12/17 18:04:08
    Ya that's true but I also hurt friends and everyone who loves them
  • egglands worst! 2010/12/17 17:30:33
    egglands worst!
    date someone w/ a kid brother thats got downs syndrome and bust th word 'retarded' out... see what happebens >_<
  • Merl 2010/12/17 16:59:49
    Retarded question. A word is a word the only thing that can be offensive is what you allow to be offensive.
  • mercades Merl 2010/12/17 17:05:57
    It is offensive because when u say the word ur refering to something or someone stuipid but in reality the word only means slow so with saying that u think this question is slow haha who sounds dumb now
  • Merl mercades 2010/12/17 17:17:20 (edited)
    No word is offensive unless you let it be, but you are too retarded to understand the point.
  • mercades Merl 2010/12/17 17:21:41
    Like I said before the word means slow so ur basicily calling me slow
  • Merl mercades 2010/12/17 17:30:35
    Slow, stupid, incapable of thought what ever you would choose so be it.
  • mercades Merl 2010/12/17 17:33:39
    The "R" word only means slow u jerk
  • Merl mercades 2010/12/17 17:35:01
    And only the "R" word can be offensive if you let it, you idiot.
  • mercades Merl 2010/12/17 17:42:42
    U honestly have no idea what ur talking about
  • Merl mercades 2010/12/17 17:46:17
    You obviously have been brain dead for a significant portion of your life. No word is offensive. Offense is a reaction.
  • mercades Merl 2010/12/17 17:49:01
  • Merl mercades 2010/12/17 17:50:30
    As I figured, brain dead.
  • mercades Merl 2010/12/17 17:52:55
    Say wat u want but I no more then u
  • Merl mercades 2010/12/17 17:54:15
    Only in your little mind.
  • mercades Merl 2010/12/17 17:55:25
    Nope not just in my mind
  • TasselLady 2010/12/17 16:52:12
    It can be. I'm not really a fan of the word because people misuse it. People often refer people who do stupid things as "retards", when in fact they are smart people just doing something that isn't smart. I know some mentally retarded individuals who are smarter than some "normal" people I've run into. They don't have malice, greed and hate in them like some "normal" people do. I prefer mentally challenged or something like that. It sounds less demeaning to me. Where I bowl we have 4 mentally challenged people bowling on our league, and they're awesome!! They're so much fun they keep all of us in stitches the whole time we're bowling!!
  • mercades TasselLady 2010/12/17 16:57:28
    I totally and competely agree with that I have 2 brothers with the diagones and a bunch of friends with it and all of them r smarter than people without the diagnose
  • TasselLady mercades 2010/12/17 17:16:21
    Between both sides of my family, at least 5 people (all close relatives), were born with mental retardation. My mother's brother is mentally challenged. And, one of my mother's father's brother was born with it too. It seems to run in the family but more the men than women. And it skips a generation, so me and my sister would be next in line to give birth to one. Knowing our genetic history, we decided it was best not to have children. As it happens that's how it worked out.
  • mercades TasselLady 2010/12/17 17:19:21
    Nice to know ur closed mind
  • TasselLady mercades 2010/12/17 17:24:58
    It has nothing to do with a closed mind. As it happens, I would have to take fertility drugs to get pregnant. But for me it's cost. I'm low income and can't afford to raise a "normal" child much less one with disabilities. Noone can judge my situation unless they're right in the middle of it. My doctor even told me that I made the right decision. I didn't put those who are mentally handicapped down, I would never do that. I'm 45 years old. The last thing I need is a child. I can't give it what it would need. That's not a closed mind, it's a very intelligent one.
  • mercades TasselLady 2010/12/17 17:31:40
    Ok I'm sorry about the closed minded comment but just to let u no there's no money difference between taking care of a child with/without a disablity
  • mercades 2010/12/17 16:51:16
    This is a subject close to my heart and when I hear people say it upsets me because all I see is my little brother crying

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