Do u belive in Magic???

Lexie <3's U 2011/08/13 14:05:42
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  • Nay Nay <3 2011/08/16 18:44:38
    Nay Nay <3
    no i dont believe in magic
  • I <3 Nezumi 2011/08/14 08:18:14
    I <3 Nezumi
    i even met a magician at summer camp. he was in 6th grade. i always hung out with him so he could show me some tricks. it was really fun
  • 8mariedawn6 2011/08/13 21:51:06
    Yes magic is used by witches and the occult.Yes it is real.Comes from the ruler of all evil Satan.
  • DutchHeretic-Social Equalist 2011/08/13 15:24:31
    DutchHeretic-Social Equalist
  • TasselLady 2011/08/13 14:12:29
    Even if it exists it has nothing to do with God. It has everything to do with Black Magic and the Dark Arts, none of which I want anything to do with. Now illusions and such for entertainment? That's very different. But the first one is totally off limits to me. If somebody gave me a book of black magic today I'd burn it.
  • Lexie <... TasselLady 2011/08/13 14:14:21
    Lexie <3's U
    if there was such thing as magic............... not all magic is Black Magic
  • TasselLady Lexie <... 2011/08/13 14:21:31 (edited)
    That's what the devil WANTS you to think. But any kind of magic is against God's law. He strictly condemns anything to do with witchcraft. Ouija boards, tarot cards, mediums, psychics, astrology all come under this category. This is why I'm so careful to avoid them. It can actually conjure up dark forces most people have no idea what they're dealing with, including Satan and his Demons. I have a pamphlet from the Rose Publishing Company. It describes the different types of religions, cult and the occult and what they teach. They also tell you what to look for so you can avoid falling into the traps. Many people have already done so and regret it.
  • Lexie <... TasselLady 2011/08/13 14:25:24
    Lexie <3's U
    ok well i dont belive u but ok
  • TasselLady Lexie <... 2011/08/13 14:25:59
    That's ok. I only hope that people don't fall for the tricks so they don't do something they won't regret. Peace.
  • Lexie <... TasselLady 2011/08/13 14:26:32
    Lexie <3's U
  • TasselLady Lexie <... 2011/08/13 14:33:25
  • lyle TasselLady 2011/08/13 16:23:27
    you never use for 'dark' purposes
  • User Deactivated 2011/08/13 14:10:17
    User Deactivated
    Nope. I believe there are circumstances that may look as though they could be explained by magic, but they have another unseen explanation. =)
  • Lexie <... User De... 2011/08/13 14:12:48
  • Hannah Yee 2011/08/13 14:09:41
    Hannah Yee
    idk really cause some maybe real and not real or fake so yea
  • Lexie <3's U 2011/08/13 14:06:11
    Lexie <3's U
    idrk so ig i kinda do

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