Do people who cuss alot seem uneducated?

Unmistakably Liz 2009/04/06 04:41:51
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  • Robertswifey 2009/04/06 23:58:14
    It depends
    I can see how someone might seem uneducated if every other word out of their mouth is a cuss word. I don't think it necessarily means they are, but it could make them come across that way.
  • the Pulsar 2009/04/06 19:42:03
    the Pulsar
    But that doesn't mean we are!
  • Reverend Muerte 2009/04/06 19:23:15
    Reverend Muerte
    Some of the smartest people I've ever met cuss like fucking sailors
  • SuperCee 2009/04/06 12:45:42
    Everyone curses. When I hear my supervisor curse it brings a smile to my face because it let's me know she is human.
  • ~*Jagerette Nikki*~ 2009/04/06 12:11:58
    ~*Jagerette Nikki*~
    I swear a lot, and I'm about to graduate from the University of Michigan so I'm not uneducated in the least bit.
  • runningintriangles 2009/04/06 11:01:20
    If it's every other word? Yes. If it's occasionally while angered or frustrated, then no, merely because someone feeling either of those things tends to lose rational thought.
  • thakatchaser 2009/04/06 07:29:22
  • Mollybdamned American Atheist 2009/04/06 06:23:46
    Mollybdamned American Atheist
    Nah! I don't Fu*king think so.
  • MissLissa 2009/04/06 05:05:48
    Makes 'em sound like F*cking Idiots =)
  • Pet Rock Whisperer 2009/04/06 05:01:22
    Pet Rock Whisperer
    Hey, I'm *&^%$#$%^& smot!
    hey smot
  • artist1963-Progressive Patr... 2009/04/06 04:52:13 (edited)
    artist1963-Progressive Patriot for Change
    If every second word that comes out of a peson's mouth during the course of a conversation is a curse word, IMO, that shows lack of intelligence AND CLASS. I am not immune to cursing but only when I am really ticked off and I don't like it when I do,especially if I do it in front of my kids. Then I feel like an ASS and have to explain to them that Mom said a bad word and I should not have done that. If there is one thing I will NEVER do and that is call my kids bad words.
    Remember this friend of mine who called her son a "little f-----r and son of a bitch, etc and I couldn't believe it. That is simply uncalled for.
  • <--That guy 2009/04/06 04:52:12
    It depends
    <--That guy
    Shit no!

    But in all seriousness, I don't think cussing is an indicator of intelligence. Normally when people swear, they do so to add an emphasis to what they're saying since they're most likely expressing strong opinions.

    Then again, I've known a few people who cannot complete a sentence without throwing the word "fuckin'" somewhere inside of it. It's moments like those that I don't feel bothered by the choice of words but by the limited vocabulary. I'd much rather listen to a person use curse words in a whole slew of new and unique ways rather than listen to a person who doesn't swear but only has a lexicon of 20 or 30 words.

    To me, it's not a matter of what you say that determines your intelligence; it's how much you're able to say.
  • my*hips*dont*lie* 2009/04/06 04:49:49
    It depends
    if ur witty then no. haha! but i know wat u mean.
  • Denny 2009/04/06 04:49:10
    Some people talk like they have a broomstick up their ass and are so stiff that they sound like Idiots who think they are ed-u-ma-cated
  • Whackoslovakian ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝ 2009/04/06 04:47:15
    Whackoslovakian  ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝
    My boyfriend has an IQ of 130 and he curses like a sailor haha
  • ..tisha... 2009/04/06 04:46:28
    It depends
    Do the curse words take up alot of space in their sentences?

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