Do Men Care More About a Woman's Body or Her Face?

Living 2010/09/23 21:08:10
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It's long been a subject of not-always-polite conversation among men. What's more important: A woman's body, or her face?

Well, let's not forget that inner beauty really does count the most in the long run. But in terms of the body vs. face debate, it turns out, it depends what the guy is looking for.

When a guy is looking to get married or begin a long-term relationship, a pretty face is more important than a hot bod, according to a University of Texas study. This is because a woman’s face provides strong clues to her “reproductive value," experts say, according to the Daily Express.

But for a fun fling, men love to be seen out on a date with a curvy woman, scientists say.

Women, on the other hand, prioritize facial features in either scenario, according to the study.

Again, we think it's nice to admire your partner's face as well as their body. But if you don't want to spend time with them at the end of the day, what does it matter?

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  • Philo-Publius 2010/09/23 22:44:03
    Pretty face
    I care only about her exploited reproductive surplus value... care exploited reproductive surplus
    ...and wresting it from the hands of the bourgeoisie.

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  • Mimi Lucia 2013/02/25 01:19:45
    Pretty face
    Mimi Lucia
    From what my guy friends have told me, emphatically, is the face. YES! I know, the majority will say body. But with one argument a friend of mine (male) and I had, was at the end of the day, you can only have so much sex. After that, it's movies, dinner, being out in public. Hot body or not, a pretty face goes and extremely long way.
  • Will 2012/08/21 04:43:33
    Hot body
    Honestly just because I like the physical connection you get when you love that special woman. At the same time, every guy has something different they like in a woman's body. Any woman that has a well curved hip, thin muscular legs and small firm breasts is enough for me to go wild.
  • C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT 2011/10/15 19:41:50
    Hot body
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    GOTTA have a HOT BODY first and foremost! lol
    God, this is my fave Gif right now: whooty gifs
  • gkirmani 2011/10/15 19:27:14
    None of the above
    basically ultimately it is the nature, atttude that matters most not the temporary beauty of body or face
  • Jean 2011/09/23 09:38:20
    Pretty face
    Face matters the most for men and women, the body is just a bonus. Of course you don't want someone who is obese or skinny as a twig in most cases but all in all the face is the most important physical attribute by far and that's what I have heard from most men. Of course in a one night stand it wouldn't matter as much but in a relationship the face wins.
  • i<3conanthebarbarian 2010/11/13 18:49:29
    None of the above
    it depends on the guy some guys just like women for their faces and other guys like women for their bodies.
  • Sonic 2010/10/25 18:17:49
    Pretty face
    Me being a man can personally say that the face does win over the body. Don't get me wrong, I will look at their body and make an attraction assesment from that. BUT, it doesn't even get past my mind if they're not pretty face-wise.

    For example, I've liked girls that were short, tall, flat, busty, big boned, too skinny, and even slightly obese, or serverely scarred. But I like them because when I looked at their face, I thought they were pretty.

    One last example: I'm normally mostly attracted to girls with straight long hair with a skinny body and a proportionate chest. Most of them were primarily white. (Don't mean to sound racist, but most black girls I meet come off as unatractive to me for some reason.) My current girlfriend had little to none of the specifications I normally look for. Her hair was slightly short, curly, and was dark from being mexican and having a tan. But I love how her face looks, and I support her in what she wants to do with her body.

    A hot body does play a factor, but if the face is not pretty, I believe most people won't give the girl a second look.
  • rozy_dozy aka Pixy*** 2010/10/06 01:51:20
    None of the above
    rozy_dozy aka Pixy***
    i dont kno i dont hav a mans mind ~shudder~ the thoughts that guys i kno think r scary wen they tell me them i cant imagin actually cing them in my own head
  • Letha 2010/10/02 22:31:03
    None of the above
    I'm a girl and my ass gets slapped more then my eyes get looked at unfortunatley...
  • rozy_do... Letha 2010/10/06 01:52:29
    rozy_dozy aka Pixy***
    srry that is diturbing
  • Letha rozy_do... 2010/10/09 16:28:26
    very and thx
  • deven u... Letha 2012/06/22 15:59:24
    deven upadhyay
    could be
  • Velanarris 2010/10/02 13:19:23 (edited)
    None of the above
    Investigation shows that the body and the face are both involved in sexual selection.

    The more symetrical that face, the healthier the person is male or female, due to how difficult it is to build symmetry in nature. Your face carries your medical history upon it when it comes to disease and so forth.

    Your body shows how capable you are of reproduction and how you move is another indicator of how healthy you currently are.

    In reality, the total package is required to determine actual interest, including smell, visual appearance, and indicators all indicators of health.

    With women, they're looking for both that, and indications of wealth. It's very intriguing and we're finally beginning to understand it.
  • Georgia50 2010/09/29 16:15:36
    Pretty face
    I did not know this about myself until I once did some minor business with a corporate attorney. She was HUGE, but she had the sweetest face and the nicest demeanor. Had I been in the hunt, her weight would not have held me back one bit.

    Apart from that actual experience, I suspect that I could fall for just about any girl with a killer sense of humor.
  • kickash~the mom of þhαετ~ 2010/09/28 16:02:38
    None of the above
    kickash~the mom of þhαετ~
    Men care more about her personality and character traits. :)

    RIGHT GUYS?!?!? ;) ;)
  • Ding A ... kickash... 2010/09/28 16:16:30
    Ding A Ling B Dead
    You're so easy to talk to, Ash! ;)
  • kickash... Ding A ... 2010/09/28 16:23:46
    kickash~the mom of þhαετ~
    Oh, you! lol.

    I do what I can.
  • Thanos "In Darwin I trust" 2010/09/28 10:45:28
    Pretty face
    Thanos "In Darwin I trust"
    The face is what I look at when im talking to her.
  • Diamond Girl 2010/09/27 23:40:25
  • MisterD 2010/09/27 21:25:55
    Pretty face
    The pretty face draws my admiring eye first; then the hot body.
  • David (oYo) 2010/09/27 20:44:31
  • Just Jenn for Now 2010/09/27 09:37:35
    Pretty face
    Just Jenn for Now
    Okay, I'm not a guy, so I can't fairly answer here. I WILL say though I focus on my face (hair too) over my body in hopes people will notice that first, hence my answer is face. Not because I know, because I hope that's what guys and anyone else would notice first.
  • LindseyNicoleShane 2010/09/27 03:17:13
    Pretty face
    Attractive features of the face and an excellent personality makes for a perfect match. Once you're in love with them it doesn't matter what they look like or smell like most the time (unless something is out of control, lol) because your just in love with everything that makes that person himself/herself.
  • Sylvanas 2010/09/27 02:43:34
    Pretty face
    i would never have sex w/ someone w/ a disgusting face. it makes the body unattractive. However, a more appealing face can make the ugly body much more attractive. Face for the win!
  • Cass 2010/09/27 02:21:18
    Hot body
    but it depends on the face and also the personality....
  • Jesse 2010/09/27 01:05:11
    Pretty face
    ohh i miss read the question, id have to go with body.
    guys from around washington always talk about a girls body after they have had there fun.
    they always tell me how they just dont look at her fave and concentrate on the body.
  • justonemom 2010/09/26 23:07:21
    Pretty face
    I think men prefer a pretty face over a hot body in a long term relationship. More than that men want to be respected.
  • VERYwiseguy 2010/09/26 23:01:05
    Hot body
    Brain,body,face in that order.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2010/09/26 22:59:43
    Pretty face
    The Winter Sodahead
    body is almost never taken into account for me
  • sakljdadjslfkj 2010/09/26 22:48:23
    None of the above
    Sure a nice face is great but i have a certain type of person.
  • KarissaSmith 2010/09/26 21:52:37
    Pretty face
    Just throwing this out there

    I find overweight people equally attractive as someone average.
  • Lindsey... Karissa... 2010/09/27 03:14:11
    Yeah I just watched Sumo. They weren't disgusting! Many of them had a great looking face and the big body was just there. Not really sure how to explain that one, but I said to my boyfriend, "Babe, I wonder if a lot of the Sumo guys have girlfriends..." His reply was that of course because they make a tremendous amount of money and it's probably easy for them to at least get A girlfriend. I agreed. :o)
  • R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~ 2010/09/26 20:50:19
    Pretty face
    R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~
    A guy could have a really sexy, attractive body but with an ugly face I would be completely turned off...
  • ilovecottoncandy! 2010/09/26 19:04:10
    None of the above
    i think they care about what there personality is.
  • Jaxxi 2010/09/26 13:32:13
    Pretty face
  • Renegade Jaxxi 2010/09/26 18:36:22
    good thing the last pic is not real........is it?
  • some id... Renegade 2010/09/27 02:26:16
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    Yeah it's fake, his face is less tan.
  • Fernand... Jaxxi 2010/09/26 21:09:06
    Hit the deck he's gonna blow!
  • slashfa... Fernand... 2010/09/27 05:22:57
  • TeamDam... Jaxxi 2010/11/23 18:27:22
    SOOOOOO SCARY!!! So glkad it isnt real......Though some ppl come pretty close....ugh!!
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