Do have a true story that sounds like it came from a movie or book? ~Please read below even if you don't!~

Emelya 2012/06/17 19:21:23
I have a story_____.
No, no story. But I liked yours.
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If so, share it! I have one too I can share with you.
Cecil Byrd was a missionary in Africa and lived with his wife, Betty, and four of his kids: Miriam, Kathy, Daniel and Deborah. His fifth kid, Ben, was in America and was about 18.
One day in Africa on January 20, 2000 while they were all sitting at home peacefully having family time in their house in Zambia, two men came in with guns and wanted to rob them. They asked for anything valuable and told them to give it to them. One of the men was prepared to kill the youngest, Deborah. He had his gun pointed at her ready to shoot when Cecil forced his leg into the air and kicked the gun out of the man's hand. Upon seeing this happen, the other man cocked his gun and shot straight at the father, missionary, husband, inspiration to life, well, he shot Cecil Byrd in the heart. This immediately killed Cecil. The family was in shock seeing their beloved part-of-heart dead on the floor in front of them.
The men threatened to kill again. They told the only male left to lead them out of the villiage a way they would not draw attention and risk being taken to prison. The only boy left was Daniel, the second youngest in the family. He lead his father's murderer's out of his home villiage, away from them all.
After that, Betty didn't sue. She didn't hate. She didn't accuse. She sent them a Bible. A Bible! She wrote them that she forgave them. She told them she had the right to hate them, but as a Christian, that was not her duty. She told them not to feel sorry for her; because she already felt sorry for them.
She lives today in Kentucky with many wonderful grandchildren, and some who need help. I'm proud to call Betty my granny, Cecil my grandaddy, Ben my father, Daniel my uncle, and Kathy, Deborah and Miriam my Aunts. I remember this today. Always. When I tell this story, some people tell me I got it from a movie, or I made it up-and that I'm good at making things up! But, alas, its true. At least we know Cecil is in a better place.

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