Do girls really like romantic guys or do they just say they do.

Sudhir 2011/06/23 04:53:23
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Me and my friend are always talking about romantic things to do with a girl. I think watching a sunset togeather or sitting in front of a warm fireplace is realy cool. But I've never had a girlfriend in my whole life. So I was wondering should I stop the romance thinking. Do girls realy like romantic guys? My friend has been single for years also.
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  • Cherie Bomb 2011/06/24 02:58:56
    Cherie Bomb
    I'm not the type of romantic girl. I don't like romantic guys either. It kind of annoys me.
  • Ashley 2011/06/24 02:08:14
    Depends on the person
  • snail 2011/06/23 19:50:12
    It depends. If you are being romantic in a generic way, or in a way that feels manipulative, it might annoy me. I like romantic guys who are creative, spontaneous, and show that they understand me on a personal level. If a guy is doing something because "girls like [boring romantic gesture], and you're a girl," it is going to make me feel worse than if he didn't try. I don't really like getting flowers, for instance, because they always seem to say "I have no idea what you like, and this is what guys are expected to do for girls on special occasions," but if a guy were to make me something homemade that made some kind of reference to a happy time we had shared together, or one of my hobbies, it would please me. The idea behind it is what matters to me. Watching a sunset together with the right person, or curling up by the fire, can be a beautiful experience as long as he isn't doing it out of a sense that it is what is expected, or because he thinks it increases his chances of getting laid.
  • Sudhir snail 2011/06/24 04:30:06
    ya you are correct
    bcos romance means love love love only
  • BReeZY!!!:D 2011/06/23 15:19:11
    i personally love romantic guys:) idk about other girls though
  • Sudhir BReeZY!... 2011/06/24 04:31:15
  • Katie 2011/06/23 13:09:20
    All girls are different. Not all are all mushy and soft. Some are tough and mean and hard to get, but a lot of girls actually do enjoy romance. It makes girls feel special and loved, it'll also make them stick around longer(depending on the girl).
  • Sudhir Katie 2011/06/23 13:34:16
    which type of girl you are
  • Katie Sudhir 2011/06/23 13:36:35
    The kind that likes women.
  • Sudhir Katie 2011/06/23 13:41:30
  • Charmedtears♥ 2011/06/23 07:53:27
    It differs form girl to girl. Some of them Love the Romantic scene others Hate it!
    Truthfully I love it.
  • Rachel Charmed... 2011/06/23 10:53:39
    I agree with that. And the amount of romance goes to an extent on all women.
  • Sudhir Rachel 2011/06/23 11:23:52
    you are right white wolf
  • Wikidnezz ;D 2011/06/23 06:07:39
    Wikidnezz ;D
    Well there are different types of girls... You have to watch body language I guess... There's some girls that are in for romance... Then there are the ones that just want sex and those that just want money. I would look for the ones for romance because they are way nicer if you ask me...
  • Sudhir Wikidne... 2011/06/23 07:25:02
    No sex No money
    I need only Love
  • Wikidne... Sudhir 2011/06/23 08:11:05
    Wikidnezz ;D
  • SeaSparkzz 2011/06/23 05:31:09
    Romance is kind of cheesy, but cheesy can sometimes be good. Romance should be a once in a while thing to be truly appreciated.
  • AbbieDawn 2011/06/23 05:21:19
    Most girls really don't care if romance is envolved... Most girls like spontaneous guys that would try new things with them.They really love it when you grab their waist from behind and hug them while softly kissing their neck. Its just like a huge turn on. So you can skip the romance...its just an extra thing unless your trying to prove yourself to them.
  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ D. Plexippus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 2011/06/23 05:08:49 (edited)
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ D. Plexippus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    A bit, I guess...but not too much...it defends on the character of the girl you want to date..like for example..me..haha!..Im a very outgoing person and like to have fun...so I want a date that will match my personality and interest...think more what she likes rather of what you like..
  • Sudhir Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄... 2011/06/23 07:21:33
    ha h a ha thanks dear
  • donedunn 2011/06/23 05:05:31
    My experience is that girls only like that when it is unexpected from an otherwise jerk. Don't stop it, just keep it in the back pocket. The Don Juan type has been the stuff of movies, but lets face it. Women are attracted to guys that are little bit of a lovable jerk. Someone that gives them a hard time and make them laugh.
  • Rachael Helms - BN01 2011/06/23 04:59:58
    Rachael Helms - BN01
    Well I do. Enough to accept a marriage proposal.
  • Sudhir Rachael... 2011/06/23 05:05:23
  • Sarah TH Marshall Switcher 2011/06/23 04:54:48
    Sarah TH Marshall Switcher
    Some do, some don't. Depends on the girl.
  • Sudhir Sarah T... 2011/06/23 04:58:45
    sorry but tell me "what about You"
  • Sarah T... Sudhir 2011/06/23 05:40:24
    Sarah TH Marshall Switcher
    I like romance. A lot. My fiance is a very romantic guy- so we watch sunrises together and have picnics and all that good stuff. I've no interest in a loveable jerk.

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