Do girls need to be skinny to be beatiful?

Keely 2012/06/02 14:57:07
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  • Destiny SizzleWink 2012/06/03 04:22:10
    Destiny SizzleWink
    no not at all!!!!!!
  • ♥♥♥AznGurl92♥♥♥ 2012/06/03 00:18:28
    no girls dont need to be skinny to be beautiful. theyre beautiful just the way the are. i hate it when my friends calls themselves fat, but i always tell them they're not. I am skinny myself but i have fainted of couple time and i lose sooooo much weight within one week. to me and i hated that. I rather have more meat in my arms than have stick-like arms. it's what's inside thats counts.
  • Níl mé leat 2012/06/02 20:09:48
  • mrdog 2012/06/02 16:39:21
    Asolutely...NO...put some meat on those bones...hello bark
  • Eric 2012/06/02 15:56:31
    Counting Rib Bones Is Not Sexy
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/06/02 15:44:25
    Rusty Shackleford
    No, they need to be healthy.
  • Kyle 2012/06/02 15:44:09
    no not at all
  • !TARD~MUFFIN! 2012/06/02 15:41:40
    No. I hate hearing some girls say that they aren't beautiful just because they aren't stick skinny.
  • User Deactivated 2012/06/02 15:12:19
    User Deactivated
    No. If I had to pick between two women based on looks alone, one a sack of skin and bones, and one, pleasantly plump, I'd take the woman with more meat on her bones every time.
  • Phantom ^-^ 2012/06/02 15:09:05
    Phantom ^-^
    No! There is too much pressure on people that they think they have to be skinny to be beautiful, when they dont! They are perfect just the way they are! :)
  • Scott 2012/06/02 15:03:23
    Not at all.
  • ChickenZombie~FIRE™ 2012/06/02 15:02:16
    Tbh not really. It's more of the girls attitude that matters.
  • Keely 2012/06/02 15:00:30 (edited)
    I saw on tv the other day, there was this modle who put on 1 pound. Then people were calling her fat. She was older than me and she still weighed less. I wanted to ask regular pepole what they think. I feel really pressured. I feel like if I want people to like me I have to be skinny. Is that right?
  • BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET) 2012/06/02 14:57:49

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