Do Earrings Make Girls Pretty or Ugly?

Freshtildeath 2010/05/16 22:03:25
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  • ido erez 2013/12/04 12:50:03
    ido erez
    they're ugly. that piece of metal just ruins the beauty of a girls ear. they arent nessery and just add horrble looking holes to the human ear.
  • no one 2012/10/01 00:07:17
    no one
    I absolutely hate them with a passion. They are ugly distracting baubles that hang on either side of someone's face and I think they look sooo stupid. I haven't even addressed how disgusting ears look after a while... I actually some a lady with them yesterday with these long (super long) holes in their ears and they look horrible and stretched out. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?
  • Ricky 2012/06/18 20:16:06
    All girls should have earrings; They look great! Earrings sort of put a box around the face and can bring out a girl's eyes. They also go with clothing and complete the outfit. I find pierced ears and earrings attractive and I even like the look of the tiny hole in the ear without anything in it. There are just so many types of earrings that they work on any girl. Not all earrings looks good on every girl, but every girl looks good with earrings.
  • Amelia Quailler 2012/04/03 15:22:51
  • HarloweThrombey 2011/05/15 19:50:22 (edited)
    Earrings make girls uglier. The shape, tint, and texture of a woman's ear is beautiful. Adding a piece of metal to it turns such beauty into looking like fishing tackle.

    Look at the beautiful woman in Leroy's screenpic. Do those giant hoop gold earrings make her look one bit prettier? Hell no. If anything, they distract. But that's not even the most egregious example because some earrings look even worse. Especially those dangly ones... makes it look like little worms are crawling out of the woman's head. Danglies are disgusting. And what about those giant circular earrings with the huge stone in the middle, that old ladies wear? Looks like a cockroach. Disgusting.

    Earrings never make a woman look better. They are either neutral, or disgusting. The only reason anyone thinks such hideous stupid looking things are attractive... is purely cultural brainwashing, and not innate aesthetics.
  • Trey Young Harlowe... 2011/07/01 15:17:25
    Trey Young
    I would have to agree with Harlowe. I have never liked earrings from birth and I am now eighteen with a hate for them. I think earrings can turn a beautiful woman into a hideous beast. My girlfriend doesn't wear them(luckily)and I greatly appreciate that, because nowadays it's considered boring or weird not to have some type of jewelry on your face. This is a major problem for me because I won't look at a girl(no matter how cute she is)twice if she has earrings on, or any face piercing for that matter.
  • Alejandra 2010/05/20 23:06:04
    I do think earrings make us prettier they adorn are ears and i think most women don't wear them for men. they wear them for themselves.
  • usnavygiant 2010/05/20 15:44:47
    No change
    depends... i mean if they're bigger than your head then u DEFINITELY got a problem. other than that they're alright
  • YourKnifeMyBackMyGunYourHead 2010/05/19 23:58:52 (edited)
    i think it all depends how you wear them...
    if they are bigger then your hed then you have a problem.
    but for me i only wear studs.
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/05/19 21:44:55
    No change
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    No more than a necklace or bracelet.
  • Master 2010/05/19 16:14:08
    They get in the way, and I could chip a tooth if I tried to bite her.
  • Desirae 2010/05/19 16:05:24
    No change
    Is that you in the video? I feel if a girl is ugly nothing is going to save her or if a girl is pretty then that is what she is. I personally don't wear jewelery but when I did i never had those big hoop earrings. To me those hoop earrings is just making a public announcement I'm gatto, loud and rude girl,

    Good post you should do one on man wearing two earrings.
  • slave 2010/05/18 16:41:45
    But earrings bigger than the ears? I don't think they're pretty. This is fine:
    pretty earrings bigger ears pretty fine
  • Someone 2010/05/18 15:30:40
    I believe earrings doesn't suit to girls.Girls are minor and earrings are creating a contrast image that make them ugly. In reverse i believe earrings suit better to women and make them pretty.In my opinion is good for women to wear earrings because they give me the impression that they take care themselves.
  • Nessy 2010/05/18 01:20:25
    No change
    It matters what type of earings and what girl. I ca wear hoops and get compliments, but my friend will wear hoops and people will tell her they don't look good because of the type of hair and face she has. I can wear them because of the shape my face has and how my hair is placed.
  • Myranda 2010/05/17 21:05:11
    They bring out more in a outfit or anything a girl is wearing.
  • Billyk75 2010/05/17 20:21:57
    No change
    It matters if the earrings would make the woman look either pretty or ugly.
  • la morena 2010/05/17 18:47:19
    la morena
    yea they do
  • Beck∞♥☮♫♫♫∞ 2010/05/17 16:10:14
    No change
    I think it depends...some ear rings are just out right ugly...and some fit the outfit..it just depends..
  • Freshti... Beck∞♥☮... 2010/05/17 17:12:29
    What do you prefer to wear? Big earrings or the smaller ones
  • Beck∞♥☮... Freshti... 2010/05/17 17:15:21
    Just depends on my outfit really. Jeans and t-shirt, maybe some med sized hoops, formal dress for a night out, smaller ones possibly pearls....Really just depends on the outfit and occasion.
  • Freshti... Beck∞♥☮... 2010/05/17 19:21:25
    Do you carry around a big bag like in the video lol
  • Beck∞♥☮... Freshti... 2010/05/17 19:24:37
    In what video?...And no i dont carry a big bag. Seriously....
  • Beck∞♥☮... Freshti... 2010/05/17 19:34:57
    Hey Leroy...why you baggin on me like that? I havent done crap to you hun?...I thought i was having a conversation with you instead you chose to make fun of me for what ever reason?......Why?...
  • Freshti... Beck∞♥☮... 2010/05/18 01:02:26
    LOL I'm not picking on you, I just generating conversation. I always ask tons of questions. Don't feel bad. The video is at the top of the question. If you can't see it there you can go to: http://freshtildeathonline.co...

    Let me know what you think : )
  • Beck∞♥☮... Freshti... 2010/05/18 16:02:35
    Ok still no video hun.....And right on, generate away! ♥
  • Beck∞♥☮... Freshti... 2010/05/17 21:21:16
    I couldnt see the video because of being at work, they block stuff.
  • Nessy Beck∞♥☮... 2010/05/18 01:21:38
    thats what i was tryin to say
  • wpsark 2010/05/17 15:28:02
    No change
    It's just an accessory but if you're ugly and you put on earrings, it won't make you any prettier.
  • ~**Darren's Girl**~ 2010/05/17 14:14:35
    ~**Darren's Girl**~
    i love wearing earrings!!
  • Diaphram.is.dead♠BTEF♠ 2010/05/17 13:07:31
    No change
  • candaceredman 2010/05/17 12:40:58
    its enhance their beauty
  • Freshti... candace... 2010/05/17 13:59:26
    What, the big earrings or the normal size ones?
  • TheJoker 2010/05/17 10:26:20
    No change
    They don’t make a girl either ugly or not.... nature takes care of that. Big earrings are ugly & make those wearing them look ridiculous though.
  • Pretty
    cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
    It depends.
  • DiViews2014 2010/05/17 05:14:03
    I believe jewelry is a fashion accessory that enhances the feminine appeal of a woman. I know I personally feel more feminine and classy with the right jewelry However, you have to carefully select earrings for your face, body shape, and clothing. All earrings are not for every woman anymore so than all dresses are a fit for every woman. Personally, I do not find large earrings appropriate for women with short necklines. I hate to see earrings laying on a woman's shoulder. personally large earrings women necklines hate earrings laying womans shoulder
  • Freshti... DiViews... 2010/05/17 14:02:00
    yea, those look kinda weird...
  • william_shatner4 2010/05/17 05:13:46
  • SimsNerd 2010/05/17 04:45:30
    No change
    why would earings change a persons looks?
    unless they were like, super ugly earings but it still wouldnt change a person.
  • Conroegirl 2010/05/17 03:59:25
    Earrings help accentuate a woman's features.

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