Dirty Mind or Not? Look at the Picture, What do you See?

Mike 2008/12/12 16:51:47
I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
I See.....
It's a ????, What did you think it was.....
None of the above
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  • Moderated 2008/12/12 18:10:40
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    a crotch...but I know it's just a lamp. I see sexual undertones in a lot of things. Especially phallic ones.

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  • KathySmith23 2011/07/18 08:29:37
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    u didrty pplz will love the iThink Dirty iPhone app
  • Cocooco 2010/03/29 12:54:21
    None of the above
    I feel so smug XD :L feel smug xd
  • Jocelyn... Cocooco 2010/06/13 03:37:50
    The girl quite obviously had the lamp photo-shopped on to her ass, and then extra was added to make that look like a tattoo. Who's thighs actually look like that?
  • Ikikou (eekeeko) 2010/02/22 12:22:20
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    Ikikou (eekeeko)
  • lamplies 2009/09/01 23:32:38
    None of the above
  • Hamada 2009/04/29 07:17:18
    It's a ????, What did you think it was.....
    Its just LAMP lol

    lamp lol
  • ~♥Vikki♥~.:Jordan Owns:. 2009/04/28 23:40:14
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    ~♥Vikki♥~.:Jordan Owns:.
    Ya i've seen that before its just a lamp lol
  • Maude - (account under review) 2009/02/06 11:19:21
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2009/01/22 23:12:06
    I See.....
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    the wrong picture, always. Might I blame left-handedness?
  • We live to die 2009/01/10 06:44:09
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    We live to die
    if something can somehow be sexual i can think of it and i love making dirty jokes
  • Tom 2009/01/10 06:33:31
    It's a ????, What did you think it was.....
    It depends on the time of night,or day!..... it's a floor lamp!
  • holliday04 2009/01/06 06:11:45
    I See.....
    a lamp
  • Lynn \m/ 2009/01/04 04:57:48
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    Lynn \m/
    a crotch..and then a lamp
  • medarlin~xanax goddess~ 2009/01/04 02:58:34
    I See.....
    medarlin~xanax goddess~
    yea, I see a crotch and a lamp, but I'm perplexed about why someone would downrave this question??? can someone enlighten me???
  • ©TransA... medarli... 2009/01/04 03:16:24
  • medarli... ©TransA... 2009/01/04 03:30:44
    medarlin~xanax goddess~
    oh! in that case case case there ya go!
  • ©TransA... medarli... 2009/01/04 03:31:54
  • Mad Hatter love <3 2009/01/04 02:34:09
    I See.....
    Mad Hatter love <3
    i see a lamp against the wall but thats cuz i've seen it before....when i first saw it i saw a womans crotch....i do have a perverted mind
  • Jay 2009/01/03 20:35:31
    It's a ????, What did you think it was.....
    It's a lamp! But I like Poppy's answer about the fat guys or pregnant girls, lol! lamp poppys answer fat guys pregnant girls lol
  • Poppy 2009/01/03 20:20:08
    I See.....
    I see either two fat guys or two pregnant gals.
  • Vampire Miry 2009/01/03 07:47:26
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    Vampire Miry
    at first i saw a woman with the legs in the air
    but now i know it is a lamp :P
  • Joanna 2009/01/03 03:39:11
    None of the above
    Looks like the stem of a goblet to me
  • VstarGuy 2009/01/03 01:49:15 (edited)
    It's a ????, What did you think it was.....
    Initially I see what appears to be a woman's crotch, then I see a picture of a lamp. Neither of what I see is "dirty". The first thing I saw was beautiful! The lamp is nice because it reminds me of the first thing I saw, a woman's crotch!
    Why would anyone think that is dirty?
  • tabiscabis 2008/12/31 16:04:57
    It's a ????, What did you think it was.....
    it's a lamp
  • sexyIRISHman-party starter!!! 2008/12/22 18:50:54
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    sexyIRISHman-party starter!!!
    hmmmm... do i have to answer...
  • Sumo- Living for the new year! 2008/12/21 23:58:53
    I See.....
    Sumo- Living for the new year!
    I see the start of a beautiful time together with my girlfriend.
  • Fizzbitch {ZeDameofFrenchBr... 2008/12/21 23:33:16
    I See.....
    Fizzbitch {ZeDameofFrenchBraziers}
    A woman with her legs in the air... but now I know it's a lamp and feel like a filthy fool coz I've seen this picture before and fell for it AGAIN!!
  • kathlene 2008/12/19 16:40:40
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    a lamp
  • guinnessman 2008/12/18 06:06:36
    I See.....
    It's a tall floor lamp...but I do have a dirty mind and the thumbnail did look like something I crave a lot...LoL
  • !***iheartKellenLutz***! 2008/12/17 21:57:11
    None of the above
    i see a crotch and lamp
  • mike-elf 2008/12/16 17:42:58
    None of the above
    I see both :D the lamp & the ... well other one :D
  • rockstarr. 2008/12/16 15:14:51
    It's a ????, What did you think it was.....
    its a lamp though i kinda looks lke her legs are open but its a LAMP!:0
  • Illjwamh 2008/12/16 05:42:49 (edited)
    I See.....
    A lamp post in front of a wall, the shadows on which make it look like a breast.
  • Lucy 2008/12/16 05:02:58
    None of the above
    it's a lamp nice try
  • brob1969 2008/12/16 03:20:06 (edited)
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    a torchiere
  • somergurl 2008/12/16 03:15:06
    It's a ????, What did you think it was.....
    I saw the itty bitty picture and thought crotch, but then I immediately saw the lamp. Most women don't have (what appears to be) a plant on their under-thigh.
  • zathura33 2008/12/16 01:36:53
    I See.....
    A Lamp, ha ha nice try
  • hotsalsa 2008/12/16 00:32:56
    I See.....
    Hahaha Its a lamp....=D Sick Picture!!
  • HellaHellaLameLame 2008/12/16 00:13:30
    I Have a Dirty Mind and See.......
    I love lamp.
  • Tonio31~E Pluribus Unum~ 2008/12/15 23:47:58
    I See.....
    Tonio31~E Pluribus Unum~
    Some pussy.....oh wait it's a lamp.
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