Did you know that about your dream ?

Swan Eshdeh 2012/05/11 15:53:24
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i didn't know
i know that
i will read the book .i know some
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1. we forget 90% of our dreams.like the poem of Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge he wanted to write his dream so he prepared a pen and a paper while he was in the middle of that he interrupted by someone and he couldn't continue because he forgot the dream.
2.we dream in things that we just know ;even if we dreamed in something that's unfamiliar , like strange faces we haven't seen before we have to know that those faces are for people we know but our minds distorted them .
3.its not necessary that your dream is colorful sometimes its in black and white (12% of people dream in black and white ).
4.your brain uses the external effects to affect your dream you may dreamt that someone set fire on you. you woke up and you relalized that the heater so close to you.
5.according to Freud your dream is about your wishes in consciousness or awareness status .and if you want Freud to analyze your dream, you have to remember all what you saw in yesterday because Freud will ask you this :"tell me what you saw yesterday " .or in the near past .
6. Freud will tell you about the dreams symbols in his book "interpretation of dreams ". he wrote it in German "die Traumdeutung" .
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