Did the Mayans get bored after reaching 2012 or is the predication for real?

rhirhi 2012/07/08 04:32:15
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  • Queen Katherine 2012/07/09 01:13:14
    Queen Katherine
    They ran out of room.
  • **Vampire Redefined** 2012/07/08 13:34:39
    **Vampire Redefined**
    The prediction is not real. If it was the world would have ended months ago because their calendar did not put leap years into account since leap years weren't around during their time. Leap year was created during the time period of Cesar.
  • RasHooD 2012/07/08 13:32:49
    we will live and inter the 2013,2014.2015 and the 2016 with the bidest smaill in our face,or maybe laghues at theme
  • RasHooD 2012/07/08 13:29:59
    they got bored LOL ;P
  • Dandydon 2012/07/08 13:27:27
    I don't follow a Mayan calendar.
    I have a calendar from a local hardware store.
    Doesn't say anything about that...so yea..
  • Zeruke 2012/07/08 08:13:17
    its not a prediction its a CAL-EN-DAR "a system for determining the beginning, length, and order of years and their divisions" and then there is the fact that it is circular which can and most likely equates to a CY-CLE "a vast period of time; age; aeon"

    so when it ends and begins over again
  • Marcus Clark 2012/07/08 06:45:44
    Marcus Clark
    They ran out of space on their calendar. It is that simple.
  • Me 2012/07/08 06:09:44
  • Jeffery Harrington 2012/07/08 05:44:08
    Jeffery Harrington
    They just ran outta room on the calendar mayan funny calandar
  • 1wickedwitch 2012/07/08 05:31:53
    I`m not Mayan,, so I`m not dying
  • MidnightCowboy 2012/07/08 05:21:39
    The prediction is a shibboleth.
  • Tarheel 2012/07/08 05:19:26
    I don't think the Mayans had a conceivable idea about how long the earth might be around. It amazes how many people are worried about this, I mean after all, the Mayan civilization died. Plus I believe in the Bible which says that no one other than God knows the time.
  • Vitalani 2012/07/08 04:50:33
    This cycle has already been repeated... And the calendar did not account for leap years so technically the world should have ended a long time ago...
  • Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bage... 2012/07/08 04:43:32
    Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bagels Supreme Ruler of the Earth
    the end of the Mayan Long Count ushers in the "Sixth World", with once-mythological beings (e.g. dragons) appearing and old forms of magic suddenly starting to work. Large numbers of humans "Goblinize" into orks and trolls, while human children begin to be born as elves, dwarves, and even more exotic creatures. In North America, Native American tribes discover their traditional ceremonies allow them to command powerful spirits, and rituals associated with a new Ghost Dance movement let them take control of much of the western U.S. and Canada, where they form a federation of Native American Nations. Seattle, Washington remains under U.S. control by treaty as a city-state enclave,
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2012/07/08 04:39:07
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    The Mayans are still alive in central America and laughing at this whole end of the world thing, because a much older tablet has been found that goes way past 2012. The Mayans believe in cycles. So the end of that calendar was just the end of a cycle or the person just ran out of space. Don't believe me ask the modern Mayans.

    Modern Mayans More Concerned About Environmental Problems Than Calendar Ending
  • greatwhyte2 2012/07/08 04:35:09
    if you look at it the right way its the end of a complete cycle and a beginning of a new one.

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