Deadpool Movie: Yay or Nay?

Lady Deadhead 2011/02/05 17:13:49
marvel fans
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So, with all the news that's flaring around about Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool in a movie "perfectly true to the comics" with some unknown director who replaced fucking Rob Rodriguez. Now, I don't know about you, but even though I'm a HUGE Deadpool fan and am excited for this movie, I don't know if it will be as good as I'm expecting it, so I'm actually saying nay on this. They fucked up on Deadpool royally in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and I'll be damned if they fuck up on him in his own damn movie. If the movie ever happened right, Cable would be in it, Blind Al, Weasel, T-Ray, Typhoid Mary and so many other characters. He's affiliated with alot of different characters.

blind al weasel t-ray typhoid mary characters affiliated alot characters

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  • Sleeping With Nat c: 2011/07/21 05:05:36
    Sleeping With Nat c:
    I can't wait!!!
  • joseph ... Sleepin... 2012/10/03 01:27:54
    joseph potzner
    It's gonna be the bomb no pun intended
  • captkirk999 2011/02/06 00:06:49
    There will be a deadpool movie but I don't think cable will be in it. He is from the future so it would be too diffcult to write him in.
  • Lady De... captkir... 2011/02/06 05:31:29
    Lady Deadhead
    Fair enough, they couldn't use more than one story arc to go by I guess.
  • captkir... Lady De... 2011/02/06 11:47:16
    Well a Movie Cable would note be a time traveler. He would not be the son of Jean and Cyclops. He would only be the fighter bad ass we know that does not have the history we are familar with.
  • Lady De... captkir... 2011/02/06 17:12:24
    Lady Deadhead
    But see why wouldn't they do it like that? That's the way it's supposed to go.
  • captkir... Lady De... 2011/02/06 18:55:21
    to make it more simple.
  • Lady De... captkir... 2011/02/06 19:16:24 (edited)
    Lady Deadhead
    Them and their simplifying things. Same thing with the Spiderman movies too, they fail to mention he invented his webshooters. To make it more "simple." There are more angry fans about movie companies not making their comic movies cannon, then there are people rooting for the more "simple" routes.
  • captkir... Lady De... 2011/02/06 19:32:18
    The web shooters are in the new spiderman reboot. So don't cry about them not being in the old one.
  • Lady De... captkir... 2011/02/06 20:58:54
    Lady Deadhead
    Wasn't crying about it just saying I don't agree with their simplifying. That's cool about the Spiderman reboot, didn't know they were doing that. Thanks for the info. :)
  • captkir... Lady De... 2011/02/07 00:03:11
    Andrew Garfield is Spiderman
    andrew garfield spiderman andrew garfield spiderman

    Martin Sheen will be Uncle Ben and Sally Field will be Aunt May.
    The villians will be a Proto-Goblin and the Lizard
    Emma Stone will be playing Gwen Stacy. Blond is her natural hair color, even though she is normal see with red hair, so it may work out. stacy blond natural hair color normal red hair work emma stone Gwen stacy
  • joseph ... captkir... 2012/10/03 01:30:14
    joseph potzner
    What about lady deadpool or domino I mean it
    Makes sense right ?

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