Cure For Cancer that Works - fda won't tell you this ....

Alkaline the body to stop the cancer in it tracks
NO SUGAR to feed the cancer

asparagus - 3 or 4 tea spoons smashed up once in the day and once at night
Make sure Asparagus is free from all fertilizer growth ....

don't believe me ? Do you own research ......

I dare the fda to mess with me on this ....... I beg the murdering fda to step this way.

Wake up AMERICA and the rest of the world ......... WAKE UP

fda is out to make money and experiment on you
not to heal you or stop your problems ...

fda needs a steady income - and if you don't wake up ?

You will stay, live and die in the fda matrix.
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  • oldrwizr 2009/12/05 05:37:04
    You are so right Dennis. The FDA protects the drug companies when it should be protecting the people.

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  • montanaslittlelady 2009/12/12 17:38:10
    i think theres natural cures out there for everything,i don't think the government will ever release a cure for cancer,the common cold etc.it would put drug companies out of business.Disease weeds out the weak and the poor and i've always believed the government wants to do that.
  • Dennis ... montana... 2009/12/12 17:40:26 (edited)
    Dennis C Latham
    I haven't had the common cold for over 9 years ..... Will be 10 years the first sunday in August.

    there is a cure for everything - EVERYTHING - even aids ...
    and the fda has it where they are free from prosecution

    Even when they OK a drug to go on the shelf and it kills people
    That's where the doctors come in ...

    to cover up and to warn fda. - doctors are not on your side
    they are on the side of their money and careers.

    very few buck against the system
    they loose their license and go into natural cures
    but they can't broad cast it

    because fda can easily lock one up forever - if they choose to kill one of their natural cure patients.
  • montana... Dennis ... 2009/12/12 18:09:20
    I have to agree because my daughter has stage 4 ovarian cancer and even her own dr told her theres a better medicine available that would extend her life but its too expensive for people like her so she has to get her chemo from a clinic,he also told her there are cancer treatments in europe that are saving women from this cancer but the fda won't approve them in the united states.Its really a sad fact and makes you feel helpless.But I gotta tell ya Dennis you're beating a dead horse most people don't want to believe this is happening in our country and no matter what you tell them or show them they will choose not to believe it.
  • Dennis ... montana... 2009/12/12 19:17:27
    Dennis C Latham
    ""Dennis you're beating a dead horse most people don't want to believe ""

    well ... JESUS didn't give up on me ... and I won't give up on them ....

    and the last dead horse I beat ?
    the only thing left was grease spot on the concrete.

    dead horse people jesus dead horse beat grease spot concrete

    you get my drift ?
  • Nuke Dukem 2009/12/07 04:41:10
    Nuke Dukem
    Sorry, I'm calling bullshit on this one. What source did you get this from? Well I did my research and so far it has been unproven that asparagus can cure cancer. However I do agree that it can help prevent cancer along with many fruits, vegetables, and other types of foods that are high in fiber. Conclusion: eat healthy avoid cancer.
  • Dennis ... Nuke Dukem 2009/12/08 11:54:03
    Dennis C Latham
    I could care less about what you call it ....

    I have proof everything work and the people to back it up with .....
    so in case you are from the fda and just want to discredit this
    I'm fine with that
    because my site will be up this week ........ with video testimonies.
  • Nuke Dukem Dennis ... 2009/12/08 18:11:44
    Nuke Dukem
    Ok. I'm only 20 years old why would I be from the FDA? I would like to know where you get your info from so that I can validate it. I won't deny that it cures cancer, its just highly unlikely. I'm certain that asparagus can help prevent it.
  • Dennis ... Nuke Dukem 2009/12/08 19:44:43
    Dennis C Latham
    well you are the one that called it BS .....

    so I would expect you to validate it not working
    since you are only 20 ...... and I've known about natural cures before you were born.
  • Robo Toaster 2009/12/07 01:01:02
    Robo Toaster
    Well asparagus does have antioxidants so it can help prevent cancer, but I don't think it can cure cancer.
  • Dennis ... Robo To... 2009/12/08 11:55:10
    Dennis C Latham
    asparagus is not the only item ... and I didn't say that asparagus cures cancer
  • Robo To... Dennis ... 2009/12/09 02:45:37 (edited)
    Robo Toaster
    Have there been any clinical trials for this medicine?
  • Dennis ... Robo To... 2009/12/09 02:48:51
    Dennis C Latham
    I don't need clinical trials .....
    I have my word and my research ..... that's good enough .....
    along with 4 doctors and a vitamin specialist of over 25 years .....

    I only give and share information ..
    the fda can't touch me for that
    and if they try ? Their fate will come early .......

    and none of the things that I offer or speak of have side effects
    only the effect of curing ....

    so to the fda who murders and covers up ?

    I have no need to hide anything.
  • Robo To... Dennis ... 2009/12/09 02:52:22
    Robo Toaster
    I am skeptical about herbal medicine and alternative treatments.
  • Dennis ... Robo To... 2009/12/09 03:21:45 (edited)
    Dennis C Latham
    that's all good ... and dandy ......

    I know many who live by it and are doing good .......
    I've been using them since I was about 21 or 22 .......

    I've never had to go to a doctor but for one time ...
    when I was attacked by a lunatic while in church ...

    other than that ?

    I get checked regularly because I help and promote several doctors who give tests on a regular bases ....

    blood pressure
    blood sugar level
    heart beat
    breathing and other simple tests to try and catch things before they get out of hand ....

    oh .. and I don't get head aches and other things ...
    I do have a pulled muscle in my shoulder at the time but that was from working out and not stretching ... then carrying large buckets of fish for several days in a row with that same arm .. it's getting better though.
  • Let Freedom Ring 2009/12/05 16:41:53
    Let Freedom Ring
    Yep, and makes me wonder just how bottled water tests positive for as much acid as soda. I have seen water from wells test alkaline.

    Cesium Chloride
    In the 1930s, Dr. Otto Warburg of Germany won a Nobel Prize for showing that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen) or acidic, conditions.

    78 successful natural alternative cancer treatments commonly used worldwide
    read more.. http://www.alternative-cancer...
  • Dennis ... Let Fre... 2009/12/06 06:18:22
    Dennis C Latham
    thanks - that's great ... come to think of it ?
    I'm about to test my water ...

    and I live near well water also
    I'm going to get some tomorrow and test it .....

    my faucet water is great
    and the well water is hard to tell the difference .....

    but tell me more about this water with acid and alkaline.
  • Let Fre... Dennis ... 2009/12/07 00:56:16
    Let Freedom Ring
    I am still doing research on this.
    I did see (unopened) Dasani and table rock bottled water test positive for as much acid as soda. I was told that if I went behind the table rock bottling company and drew my water coming from the mountain, it would test alkaline. hmm, are they doing something to our water, or is it coming from the plastic bottles?
    I'm looking into water ionizers right now, (trying to educate myself)
    I was directed to look at Enagic's Kangen water machines. There may be other, cheaper water ionizers out there.
    Have to do more research.

  • Dennis ... Let Fre... 2009/12/08 11:56:14
    Dennis C Latham
    I have some test strips orders so I can test water
    they should be here tomorrow and no later than friday
  • Broken 2009/12/05 15:27:54 (edited)
    Sorry to burst your bubble on this one.

    My mother in law died recently of bone and lung cancer.

    She was diagnosed over 14 months ago. She and my wife are big believers in natural remedies and in fact tried the items you mention (and many more) to no effect for her.
  • Dennis ... Broken 2009/12/06 06:20:52
    Dennis C Latham
    well .. you're not bursting my bubble ..... and I am sorry to hear about your loss

    but these are proven to work if they are used in the proper manner .....

    and most people who this doesn't work on is people who eat sugar
    and people who don't alkaline their bodies .... and Birm is a new cancer drug

    $150 a bottle - I believe that is the spelling .. I didn't stock up on any of that.
    because the above method is working for everyone I am dealing with.,

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