Creepy teacher!!!!!!!!!

So, one of my teachers, Mr. Francek, is SUPER creepy......

He's really wrinkly and perminetly red skinned.

He NAMED his paper whole puncher some strange, wierd name. But I can't remember it :(

Yesterday, on the first day, he goes up to some random kid who wasnt doing anything and says (in a really scary, scratchy voice) "I do not except late homeworrrrkkk!"
Went up to some other random dude and says in the exact scary tone/voice
""I do not except late homeworrrrkkk!"
Then he went up to the guy right in front of me and says "Guess what?" in a freaky voice.......
And Jordan (the dude in front of me goes-) in a really low, kinda scared voice
"You don't except late homework?"

It was sooooo funny/wierd. I was sitting there giving the teacher dirty looks, and trying not to laugh at the kids faces. lol

Do you people have any strange/freaky/strict/mean teachers?????

Plus, are you going to HOMECOMING (if your in highschool)????? I am!!!! With my bf:D <3
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  • **xX♥ch... Panthera 2009/09/11 00:44:55
    lol, nice.... what do you mean messed up?
  • Panthera **xX♥ch... 2009/09/14 21:15:34
    my school is full of people who don''t care we ahve afreshman who's 7 months pregnant and our prom queen last year was pregnant too and our star running back had two kids. highly messed up
  • **xX♥ch... Panthera 2009/09/15 00:08:07
    wowwwww... nice. i havent seen any pregnet ppl at my school
  • Panthera **xX♥ch... 2009/09/21 20:30:18
    be happy about that it may happen
  • **xX♥ch... Panthera 2009/09/27 15:54:46
    yea, im pretty sure there's at least one. im not sure if someone was just being really rude and calling someone pregnet or if it's tru tho.
  • snkypete 2009/09/10 03:42:18
    Well,at least you know he does not accept late homework, if you turn your homework in on time you should have no problems. Lesson learned. ( You were paying attention , weren't you?)
  • **xX♥ch... snkypete 2009/09/11 00:44:29
    lol, yea.... i was...

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