Cool Sharingan Photos

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SLIDESHOW: Sharingan !!!!!!!!

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  1. Sharingan levels

    Sharingan levels

  2. kinda creepy but cool

    kinda creepy but cool

  3. Sharingan face off!

    Sharingan face off!

  4. good work guy

    good work guy

Cool Sharingan Photos
I love Sharingan! I wish I had these powers!

Over the course of its development, the Sharingan will grant the user three unique abilities:

1. The ability to memorize and replicate any movement it has seen, allowing the user to copy most opponent's jutsu by memorizing the handsigns/muscle movement and allows them to use the jutsu against them and later opponents.

2. The Sharingan's second ability grants the user increased clarity of perception, allowing them to track and predict the movements and actions of fast-moving objects. This also allows the user to easily recognize.

3. Its final ability is a brand of hypnosis that suggests actions and thoughts to the opponent, acting as an effective way to produce genjutsu or implant memories in another person.
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