Cheetah Print Backgrounds Are Sleezy or Sexy?

The_Missses 2011/05/10 20:11:39

SLIDESHOW: Cheetah Prints Backgrounds

Colorful Cheetah Print Background
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Colorful Cheetah Print Background

Rainbow Cheetah Prints
  1. Colorful Cheetah Print Background

    Colorful Cheetah Print Background

    Rainbow Cheetah Prints

  2. Pink Cheetah Prints Background

    Pink Cheetah Prints Background

    Cheetah Prints is the new Pink

  3. Realistic Cheetah Prints

    Realistic Cheetah Prints

    So sexxxy. not.

  4. Cheetah Print Lingerie

    Cheetah Print Lingerie


  5. Colorful Cheetah Prints

    Colorful Cheetah Prints

    oooh... double rainbow.

Cheetah Print Backgrounds Are Sleezy or Sexy?
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Cheetah Prints are distracting as backgrounds. They are kinda sexxy and kinda slutty for lingerie and clothes. Colorful cheetah prints defeats the purpose or natural animal pattern. Kids used lots of cheetah print backgrounds on their profiles and it is sooo impossible to read.

Purple cheetah print background
print backgrounds profiles sooo impossible read purple cheetah print background
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  • The_Missses 2011/06/05 06:01:14
    Cheetah Print Backgrounds are Sexxy
    sexy for cheetahs
  • dm 2011/05/11 07:11:30
    Cheetah Print Backgrounds are Slutty
    That second picture is zebra print background. Which I like in moderation. Not for clothing though. To make digital wallpaper or background or a little accessory like in a cosmetic bag.

    Cheetah print I'm not too crazy about at all.
  • allise dm 2011/12/26 02:06:52
    So cheetah prints are more sexxier and they are not even slutty so anyways they are sexxy ohhhhhh yaaaaaaa
  • -Echo- 2011/05/10 20:16:23
    Cheetah Print Backgrounds are Sexxy
    lol i like it

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