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Fun 2011/04/25 19:00:02
Yes, we know.

Everyone's on Royal Wedding information overload.

So what better way to diffuse the situation than by poking fun at the most ridiculous Royal Wedding obsession out there?

Think of the funnest caption for this gem of a photo -- and may the best comment win!

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  • brad 2011/04/28 16:02:41
    Francine decides to officially commemorate her 5th place prize winnings in the Virginia Slims Royal Wedding sweepstakes: "Them airlines don't even let you smoke no more! I'm GLAD I didn't win..."
  • Dirty red 2011/04/26 21:24:07
    Dirty red
    It's not that serious
  • Dark Knight 2011/04/26 18:09:22
    Dark Knight
    Here's my thought - hey useless SH writer, GFY.
  • GreenDayForEver! 2011/04/26 17:46:22
    Just going with the flow...
  • joe mauro 2011/04/26 17:35:35
    joe mauro
    when they are dancing ill slip this in my purse
  • RockyMtGirl BN 2011/04/26 17:14:52
    RockyMtGirl BN
    "Yes, we bought this to go with our Royals Commote Cover; they match!"
    royals commote cover match the Royals Toilet Seat
  • Chaika 2011/04/26 16:55:33
    Nice Nails shame about the Cancer stick!
  • wulfsong 2011/04/26 16:53:11
    My butt. Your face. Perfect match.
  • Zher 2011/04/26 16:07:20
    I don't get it??? What 'royal wedding'?
  • Mrs.Rupert Grint 2011/04/26 15:54:25
    Mrs.Rupert Grint
    "I just love them so much I just HAD to get the ash tray too..."
  • Lanikai 2011/04/26 15:38:44
    Living on the public dole provides me with plenty of time and money to shop for all those nice wedding souvenirs and STILL have time for a manicure to commemorate the exciting wedding.

    (this is what the obsessed welfare queens think of their lives)
  • B 2011/04/26 15:22:23
    She really NAILED this one!
  • Arty 2011/04/26 14:39:33
  • abbiekat 2011/04/26 14:14:47
    What her cigs aren't covered in their faces?
  • coolgirlluvsupre 2011/04/26 14:02:48
    Butt in face.
  • Fartner12 2011/04/26 13:42:09
  • BadgerSteveo 2011/04/26 13:31:14
    Smoking is bad for your health... especially if you do it near me...!!!
  • FluffyCupcakespanker~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/26 11:34:33
    Only way I can rub my butt on them...hehe
  • leth 2011/04/26 07:12:26
    "who care's.. i dont care..
  • Jeh 2011/04/26 05:57:24
    Is Montel Williams selling this stuff too?
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2011/04/26 05:09:38 (edited)
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    "I'm not obsessed...I can quit whenever I want"

    obsessed quit tick tick tapping fingernails
  • Jaiheena Star 2011/04/26 04:33:57
  • kate 2011/04/26 03:39:48
    Extinguish the Royal family welfare system!
  • misha kate 2011/04/26 15:31:02
    You don't even live there, what do you care about it? The people love the royal family, it represents a lot of history to them.
  • Lanikai kate 2011/04/26 15:41:58
    Here is a quick fact for you. The Royals cost the average British taxpayer $1.00 per year. But the tourism to SEE the royals generates over 60 BILLION a year.

    I call that dollar value, unlike all the muslims living on the dole there-who only cost money while generating ZERO revenue.
  • Michael... kate 2011/04/26 16:25:29
    Whats the Royal family welfare system? Being British maybe I'm a little ignorant yet I can pass the US citizenship test but apparently dont know what your on about in my own country.
  • King of the woodland realm 2011/04/26 03:32:53
    King of the woodland realm
    i dont really care
  • Shawna 2011/04/26 03:26:59 (edited)
    That should be most fun not funnest. Very tacky wedding memorabilia but since there will always be buyers there will always be sellers. I'm sure William and Catherine aren't thrilled to have their faces in an ash tray.
  • Tigger Too 2011/04/26 02:52:27
    Tigger Too
    Another royal couple's marriage goes up in smoke.
  • Gregory Lopez 2011/04/26 02:48:10
    Gregory Lopez
    Official Ashtray of the Australian Republican Movement.
  • Met 2011/04/26 02:37:01
    Getting some ash on the wedding night.
  • mind over matter 2011/04/26 02:25:30
    mind over matter
    The Queens has been a nervous wreck so far this week.
  • Hey! I like your eyes<3 2011/04/26 02:19:05
    Hey! I like your eyes<3
    Somes Obsessed...and NOT in a good way>.<
  • Frank 2011/04/26 01:59:58
    Eat my ash.............
  • Hamm0ckjames 2011/04/26 01:54:51
    The Nails have it,,,
    The Butt's are gonna get it!
  • Keen Tojones 2011/04/26 01:48:11
    Keen Tojones
    The British are smokin
  • concerned dude 2011/04/26 01:40:56
  • maggied45 2011/04/26 01:38:13
    Get your ash out of my face!
  • JoeBtfsplk 2011/04/26 01:15:53
    Evidence nailing the distraction to a receptacle for butts.
  • BlytheSpirit~bn0 2011/04/26 01:12:53
    We are not amused.

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