Can you find some Funny Tombstones, Tombstone sayings or Unusual coffins?

Ellen Zee 2008/06/30 19:24:57
Here's an Unusual Coffin
A FunnyTombstone saying
Different Tombstone
Another funny tombstone
Another Tombstone saying
None of the above
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Below are some Funny Tombstone sayings, click picture to see full view, can you find some more Sayings on Tombstones or Unusual Coffins!
There are some funny & unusual ones out there.
Or go here and get Your Own Tombstone Generator
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  • Gun665 2009/09/23 05:35:25
  • nefferduat 2009/05/30 22:22:51
    Slightly late, but

    "Here lies poor Johny Ford
    who died by grog and not by sword
    from cask to keg he long did suck it
    drank his fill and kicked the bucket"

    "There was a man who died of late
    and angels for his coming did wait
    but in stepped the devil like a weasel
    and down to hell he pulled poor Keazel"

    "Remember man, as you walk by.
    as you are now so once was I
    as I am now so will you be
    remember this and follow me

    To follow you I'll not consent until I know which way you went"

    "In this grave we lie
    back to back my wife and I
    when Gabriel blows his horn so shrill
    if she gets up then I lie still"

    "Thank you for reading this, now bugger off"

    "You're standing on my head"

    "Well shit."

    "Now she is with the angles" (some people can't spell)
  • cyd 2009/04/17 06:44:46
    None of the above
    a twilight coffin with a pic of jacob and me XD like cut of bella's head replace with hopefuly a nice picture of me XD if i live a long time i doubt with the way i talk 2 ppl i hate....if i old get an older pic of me back in the day young and put that in the empty bella head slot!so i "can be with jake forever"
  • Silky pal of Jesus 2009/02/28 06:12:59
    None of the above
    Silky pal of Jesus
  • Dirty Little Doughboy 2008/07/03 14:56:45
    Another funny tombstone
    Dirty Little Doughboy
    funny tombstone

    My question is where did they bury the rest of him?
  • Bec 2008/07/03 13:50:05
    Another Tombstone saying
  • Here's an Unusual Coffin
  • Dead Star ~ In MUSE I trust 2008/07/01 17:38:13 (edited)
    Here's an Unusual Coffin
    Dead Star ~ In MUSE I trust

    HAHA or this one

  • Spider20 2008/07/01 14:45:48
    Not sure if this qualifies...........but Perry Mason is buried close to my house.......
  • Tom 2008/07/01 05:59:08
    A FunnyTombstone saying
  • jackie 2008/07/01 03:27:58
    None of the above
    Edgar Lee Masters (1868–1950). Spoon River Anthology. 1916.

    2. Hod Putt

    HERE I lie close to the grave
    Of Old Bill Piersol,
    Who grew rich trading with the Indians, and who
    Afterwards took the bankrupt law
    And emerged from it richer than ever. 5
    Myself grown tired of toil and poverty
    And beholding how Old Bill and others grew in wealth,
    Robbed a traveler one night near Proctor’s Grove,
    Killing him unwittingly while doing so,
    For the which I was tried and hanged. 10
    That was my way of going into bankruptcy.
    Now we who took the bankrupt law in our respective ways
    Sleep peacefully side by side.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2008/07/01 00:16:52
    A FunnyTombstone saying
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Probably a Hypochondriac.

    funnytombstone hypochondriac
  • Malibulorie 2008/07/01 00:13:08
    Here's an Unusual Coffin
  • Ellen Zee Malibul... 2008/07/01 00:16:09
    Ellen Zee
    Award Winning Fun!!! Thanks for adding!
  • Deb. I believe. 2008/06/30 23:13:05
    A FunnyTombstone saying
    Deb.  I believe.
  • Ellen Zee Deb. I... 2008/06/30 23:14:52
    Ellen Zee
    Toooo funny!! You wouldn't think looking for Tombstone Humor would be funny but it is!! Hugs
  • Denny 2008/06/30 22:54:24
    Here's an Unusual Coffin
  • Ellen Zee Denny 2008/06/30 23:03:49
    Ellen Zee
    That about says it all!!!
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2008/06/30 22:32:47
    None of the above
    sd *TROUBLE*
    I cant find one...
  • Ellen Zee sd *TRO... 2008/06/30 22:35:48
    Ellen Zee
    If you want me to do a Tombstone for you let me know what you want it to say, if not just enjoy the rest!!!
  • Ellen Zee sd *TRO... 2008/06/30 23:12:31
  • Jen**GPAC** 2008/06/30 22:25:04 (edited)
    Another Tombstone saying

    It didn't reallly let me spell it out fully.. but here it is..
  • Ellen Zee Jen**GP... 2008/06/30 22:34:19
    Ellen Zee
    We got the message, hoping same thing here!! Hugs Your creepy wore off on me!!
  • Jen**GP... Ellen Zee 2008/06/30 22:40:43
    LOL..uuuuh ooooh..:))))
  • Ellen Zee Jen**GP... 2008/06/30 22:50:18
  • EyesofSilver 2008/06/30 22:22:07
    A FunnyTombstone saying
    The classic: "I told you I was sick."

    Also had this beauty laying around on my hard drive for years...

    funnytombstone classic told sick beauty laying years
  • Ellen Zee EyesofS... 2008/06/30 22:33:31
    Ellen Zee
    Love it!!!!
  • ...... 2008/06/30 22:01:48 (edited)
    Another Tombstone saying
    I had to pick Robert Frost's epitaph, because he was buried in my home town. Plus I love his poetry

    "I had A Lover's Quarrel With The World"
    Robert Lee Frost
    (Old Bennington Cemetery, Bennington, Vermont)

    A funny one from The Bugs Bunny Creator,

    "That's All Folks!"
    Mel Blanc
    (Hollywood Memorial Park; Hollywood, California)

    "The Body of
    B. Franklin, Printer
    Like the Cover of an old Book
    Its Contents turn out
    And Stript of its Lettering & Guilding
    Lies here. Food for Worms
    For, it will as he believed
    appear once more
    In a new and more elegant Edition
    corrected and improved
    By the Author"
    Benjamin Franklin
    (Christ Church Burial Grounds; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Ellen Zee ...... 2008/06/30 22:10:49
    Ellen Zee
    What a Great reply We have talented people from both our hometowns. Ben Franklin & me lived in Philly!! This is at the gate of Christ Church

    talented people hometowns ben franklin lived philly gate christ church
  • Anjirocks 2008/06/30 21:46:34 (edited)
    Another Tombstone saying
    got this in an email a while ago.....

    tombstone email

  • ◘Nau©herš◘ 2008/06/30 21:23:35
    Here's an Unusual Coffin
    lol coke coffin
    unusual coffin lol coke coffin unusual coffin lol coke coffin
  • Ellen Zee ◘Nau©herš◘ 2008/06/30 21:54:27
    Ellen Zee
    That is hysterical!!! Funny Stuff!
  • tanggo ◘Nau©herš◘ 2010/04/11 10:34:18
    horryibel! thats mean! horryibel
  • my account? 2008/06/30 20:15:38
  • Ellen Zee my acco... 2008/06/30 20:29:17
    Ellen Zee
    Talk about your 21st century coffins, they ARE taking their cellphone with the hope that they are still in the signal zone!
  • Irish 2008/06/30 20:14:52
    Another Tombstone saying
    Here lies an Atheist
    All dressed up And no place to go.
    In a Thurmont, Maryland, cemetery
  • R 2008/06/30 20:04:31
    Here's an Unusual Coffin
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    This my Coffin
  • Ellen Zee R 2008/06/30 20:09:00
    Ellen Zee
    I am tempting fate with this question I am leaving on an Ocean Trip tomorrow so I want that if anything happens!!
  • Ellen Zee Ellen Zee 2008/06/30 20:22:48
    Ellen Zee
    Just found this one
  • dnanna 2008/06/30 19:40:30
    None of the above
    I seen a tombstone and the man name was Moody Blood

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