Can we please stop just posting the links to the jokes?

MadameMadHatter 2011/07/02 01:49:30
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No more links!
3 votes
It doesn't bug me
0 votes
I don't particularly care
0 votes
It's ok sometimes but not always
0 votes
1 vote
0 votes
I find it irritating when I get around 4 short joke notifactions for example, and theres a link for each one so I have to go back twice every time and scroll down. I might just being annoying and snooty, but it really does bug me.

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  • bailey78 2011/08/06 03:08:45
    Hey ! do you know how to tell when a guy really loves chicken???? He wakes up with a breast in each hand wanting another peice. Now thats a man that really likes chicken:)
  • Miss Unblonde Blonde 2011/07/21 03:47:21
    No more links!
    Miss Unblonde Blonde
    if there's a link i'll completely ignore the joke. it takes too much time to go from one page to another and then have to go back.
  • zacoholic 2011/07/05 01:56:01
    No more links!
    seriously!! i dont even look at the jokes if theres a link
  • ~♥Nikki♥~ 2011/07/02 04:15:11
    No more links!
    Omgosh! i totally agree!! i hate hate hate it when theres links its really annoying if u want to post something do it dont link to it. it makes it harder for everyone to enjoy the fun

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